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  1. Perfect, i solved with bitmapfont http://kvazars.com/littera/
  2. But this doesn't work with font/text
  3. Grazie drhayes: D In other my games I made only smoothed = false, but now in this new game, smoothed doesn't work, but now is perfect :D
  4. does not work , the images are blurry
  5. I 'm doing a play , I made other games in pixel art , but this time it is just the smoothed. //GAME MOBILE this.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; this.scale.pageAlignHorizontally = true; this.scale.pageAlignVertically = true; this.game.scale.parentIsWindow = true; game.stage.smoothed = false;
  6. PIXEROIDS Guide your spaceship, hit and destroy asteroids without colliding with them! SHOOT!!! PLAY NOW ON GAMEPIX! Read the article (italian): samuelesciacca.it
  7. *__* Thank you rich I could fix it without any problem , I also had a problem with windows phone ( IE ) inputs do not work after a few seconds.
  8. ZERO Move the platform to the right or left, in the direction of the ball, totaling the most points. Collect as manu coins as you can and buy others backgrounds!!! PLAY NOW!!! GAME ON: GAMEPIX FULL ARTICLE (italian): SAMUELESCIACCA.IT FACEBOOK PAGE: SAMUELE SCIACCA DEV TRAILER : I am available for any questions
  9. I used game.input.activePointer.isDown for my game, but only in IE on Windows Phone i have a little problem, the problem is that while i press the screen, after a few second the input is false, why? CODE in update: if(game.input.activePointer.isDown){ this.sposta(); } function out update: sposta: function(){ if(game.device.desktop){ } else{ if(game.input.x < 280){ //sinistra this.tab.body.rotation += 0.045; } else if(game.input.x > 280){ //destra this.tab.body.rotation -= 0.045; } } },
  10. game.scale.parentIsWindow = true ; Thank you SLK
  11. I created a square with a box.pivot.y = -100 when I do body.clearShapes()body.loadPolygon('physicsData', 'box');the body of the polygon remains in position (0,0) why?
  12. Thanks!!!!! this is solution game.physics.p2.applyDamping = false; and material
  13. I tried with : " game.physics.p2.restitution = 1; " But the same does not work. Now try with the materials , you already have in mind the code ? IIn this example the sprite is always slower , as I do to get it going at the same speed ? I also disabled the gravity
  14. I can not find a way to create a 100 % bounce as here : ARCADE BOUNCE I need to do with physics P2. PS: I tried with the body.restitution = 1, but does not work (as here)