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  1. Hi, I looked around a time ago, and in my opinion it's hard to find an editor which fits your needs, if you have the resources, you should maybe build your own tools, but beware, it's easy to drift into a world where you are solving tech problems and not making games anymore (or at least i can happen sometimes). you could use photoshop and export the data with a script or the new generator feature. or spine can also be used for UI purposes. btw. tiled also works with pixel coordinates not only the grid thing (look at the coins on the 2nd pic http://www.mapeditor.org/ " Rectangle, ellipse, polygon and image objects can be placed with pixel precision") my editor journey goes like this: i used tiled, then I started to write my own canvas based editor ( https://github.com/raphaelstary/highfive ) , then I stopped because of the workload and did something very easy with google docs and a custom export script (more for level items) (simpler than tiled https://github.com/raphaelstary/google-sheets-json-export ), and now I tried to do it with photoshop and wrote again my own custom exporter (more for UI stuff and less for real level structure) ( https://github.com/raphaelstary/json-photoshop-generator ) .... every solution costs time & I haven't found a perfect one ...
  2. it looks sooo good!! I'm in love with the art style! and it's also fun to play!! well done!
  3. (my post is not phaser specific, I never used it.) I think your sprite sheets are too big for low memory devices. a single sprite sheet of yours is not too large according to https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4975106 ... and apple removed the image size information from its official docs here https://developer.apple.com/library/safari/documentation/AppleApplications/Reference/SafariWebContent/CreatingContentforSafarioniPhone/CreatingContentforSafarioniPhone.html so I would guess there is no hard image size limit in the newest version of mobile safari anymore. BUT nevertheless I think 2 fairly large images are too much for low memory devices using cavas 2d rendering. You could try it with only one, and see if it solves your performance problem. I experienced with canvas 2d rendering that you get very bad performance with more than one big atlas/sprite-sheet. When I'm using large atlases/sprite sheets I try to put really everything into one file to get the best performance possible, while keeping the one image below the ios mobile safari size limits (but I don't know if they still exist in iOS 9 as stated above).
  4. have you tried to use the Page Visibility API? edit: yeah I see it's not working when you hit the home screen .. just when you switch tabs
  5. to change or prevent default browser behavior like, 'go back' with 'backspace' or 'submit' with 'enter' or gestures with touch events, the best way is, to use the method event.preventDefault(); (use it in your event listener eg. keydown listener etc) https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Event/preventDefault
  6. Hi I have 60 fps with your example. It could be that your graphics driver are blacklisted. see https://www.khronos.org/webgl/wiki/BlacklistsAndWhitelists http://superuser.com/questions/836832/how-can-i-enable-webgl-in-my-browser even if the driver is not blacklisted I would suspect that it has something to do with it or its config. But I'm just guessing cheers raphael
  7. I really like it! keep up the good stuff! I'm excited that there are more & more polished html5 games around lately... I noticed that the android app really burns down my battery, even after playing a short time your app is listed high in the android system app for battery power management. I wonder if that's the case with every ludei wrapped app?
  8. hey I sent you a mail to ..@hotmail kind regards raphael
  9. I would just code it myself. So you can match any pattern you would like to. I don't know a specific algorithm or stuff like this, but it shouldn't be too hard: you collect a few touch coordinates and then you process them. basically all you need is vector math & geometry knowledge (for advanced pattern recognition) i did some basic stuff years ago https://github.com/raphaelstary/jacktreasure/blob/master/www/js/input/touchhandler.js https://github.com/raphaelstary/jacktreasure/blob/master/www/js/input/touchinterpreter.js
  10. Hey I'm having some issues with pointer events on windows phone 8.1 with internet explorer 11, and I'm looking for a workaround . After touching the screen and not moving your pointer/finger, you get after about 1 second a pointerup and pointerout Event, although the pointer/finger is still down - touching the screen. When you are moving your pointer immediately after touching the screen everything works fine, no pointer up gets triggered until your pointer is really not touching the screen anymore. The issue is new on wp8.1, wp8 works like expected. to reproduce it, i made a simple example http://jsfiddle.net/d7Lanb5u/ I already filed a bug report https://connect.microsoft.com/IE/Feedback/Details/1085010 & tried to connect with microsoft via twitter but no response so far thx for your help kind regards raphael
  11. there's a Web API by mozilla enabled in firefox OS. navigator.mozPay ... this could also be interesting for your api/lib https://wiki.mozilla.org/WebAPI/WebPayment cheers raphael