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  1. Looks good so far. i had a little trouble getting the hang of it at first and I was able to drive right through the other tanks but all in all pretty good so far for a beta.
  2. Really nice. I'm a big fan of space games and working on one myself currently. Good Luck with it!
  3. I really liked your game. i'm a big fan of space games and I'm working on a major one myself called Final Contact. I have a huge following for my game on social media, especially twitter @finalcontactsim . If you use twitter and need a few shout outs, please let me know. You can DM me on twitter. Good Luck with It!

    1. LegionGhost


      Hi there, yeah I just started and could always use a shout out, thanks!
      My twitter isĀ @dev_fossilfish

      I just followed you, your game looks really cool, looks like a game I'd love to play!


  4. I don't know, I couldn't get out of the enclosure that the play is in on the start. Am I missing something? Mybad. I got it. It seems like it takes a lot to kill the enemies.
  5. Definitely keep developing it!
  6. Yes, Sotry if I wasn't clear. I thought perhaps it should start off a little slower in terms of the obsticles, giving the user a chance to get comfortable and building up the rate of obstacles progressively.
  7. I liked it. Simple to play but thought it was hard starting off with the obstacles. Perhaps you might consider making it more difficult progressively.
  8. Cool, Scored 1550. It might a little more challenging if the hand was a little smaller and it might be cool if the hand was transparent so you can see the kill.
  9. Tried several times but hung up half way through the progress bar.
  10. Looks cool so far. Look forward to seeing the finished game.
  11. Tried to check it out but all I get is a Leadbolt ad