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    SteveB reacted to rich in Phaser 2.0.2 Released   
    I've just pushed to master the 2.0.2 release. If you've been having any issues with ArcadePhysics doing weird things, like flying sprites off the screen, then upgrade!

    Here's the change log:
    Bug Fixes
    * Sprite would glitch if it had an ArcadePhysics Body that was re-positioned out of loop.
    * Sprite would "fly off" if it had an ArcadePhysics Body that was re-positioned during an input handler.
    * Tween.generateData would enter an eternal loop if the total resulted in a float. Now wrapped in Math.floor.
    * ArcadePhysics.Body preUpdate has been modified to stop Sprites with non-1 scaling from gaining delta and moving off the screen (fix #644).
    * ArcadePhysics.Body deltaMaxY wasn't being correctly applied.
    * P2.World - Removing tilemap layer retrieval for object layers in convertCollisionObjects() (thanks bmceldowney, fix #653)
    * Calling Keyboard.stop() wouldn't let you call Keyboard.start() later on in the same game
    * The "Build your First Phaser Game" Tutorial has been updated for Phaser 2
    * Line.fromSprite now sets "fromCenter" to false by default as is deprecated in 2.x. Documentation and Examples updated to reflect this.
    * All the documentation has been re-published for 2.0.2.
    * Lots of ArcadePhysics.World methods have been marked as private where they shouldn't be called directly (separateX, etc)
    * xtian jshint fixed nearly every single file in the repository!
    New Features
    * Sprite.overlap lets you quickly check to see if the bounds of two display objects are intersecting or not, without having to use a physics system.
    * Keyboard.destroy will now clear all event listeners and any custom set callbacks or Keys.