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  1. Menu work but game don't -- white window. iPad 4 iOs 8.1
  2. Interesting article
  3. Sadly, but practically no activity exists on the monkey HTML5 forum...
  4. ch00se: From FGL Developer Newsletter, September 2013: What do you mean by "mobile licenses"? Do you mean mobile apps or HTML5 mobile-ready web games?
  5. nem0ff

    Which engine to pick?

    The big problem of GM:S is that it's very buggy. Each new GM:S version may add a variety of problems with your previously trouble-free projects.
  6. I know only "HTML5 Canvas" O'Reilly book by Jeff & Steve Fulton. Have they released the other book in FoE ?
  7. I can port the game to any engine, framework etc. But I do not want to significantly modify the code for that.
  8. They didn't "compile" the game, they have ported it.
  9. eterps: GameClosure isn't HTML5 to native converting tool. It is native game engine which uses Javascript as language.
  10. nem0ff

    Anyone using Haxe ?

    HTML5 desktop games will not give you the sponsors money. Stage3d flash games dont get sponsorship too
  11. nem0ff

    Anyone using Haxe ?

    Aduros: Flambe looks great, but without Bitmap Flash renderer, with Stage3d only, you in fact lost big and well-established desktop Flash market
  12. This is very promising. Any details and ETA? It is obvious Support mobile browsers for iOs and Android is extremely important in my opinion. Wait until someone adds it to your engine is not a good idea imho. [edit] Guys, your Engine is certainly brilliant and I really appreciate you share it with us. But if you would work a little and add Canvas2d renderer, it will be much better for many developers.
  13. It is WebGL only, so no iOs, no stock Android browser
  14. I think exactly alike. I've been watching them for a long time, but don't see advance in that direction.
  15. end3r: read here!topic/game-closure-devkit/wi01hFB25sU pay attention to the dates
  16. This framework is just one of the many other tools for developing native mobile games, and sure not the best and mature one. Moreover, the use of Javascript isn't obvious advantage over other devtools. Using of Javascript imho makes sense only if they could deploy games not only for native iOs and android, but also for mobile/ desktop browsers, and undoubtedly with decent performance.
  17. nem0ff

    I made 6 games

    Scaling up is even more necessary than down. Your games are too small on all modern smartphones and tablets, all of which have a high resolution screens.
  18. nem0ff

    I made 6 games

    Mobile Games must be scalable too!
  19. feiss: I agree, strange with this. Intel bought the XDK from appmobi and made it free, potentially very interesting, but I dont see any progress for quite a while.. almost no activity in the forums..
  20. nem0ff

    Goo Engine

    WebGL only.
  21. nem0ff

    Phaser 0.5 Released

    I am very happy to see a library from really experienced developer who not only develops just anotherJS library, but also has many commercial games published Many thanks for sharing your hard work!
  22. nem0ff

    Phaser 0.5 Released

    how this library is related to previously announced kiwi.js?