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    arcbox got a reaction from plicatibu in Removing Old Sound References After Stop()   
    I was playing around with audio in my game and noticed that when I call stop() on a sound and play another one, there is still a reference to the old sound in Game.sound._sounds.
    Currently I am looping through and checking the keys to remove old ones when a new sound is played.
    Is there an ideal way to handle removing references to these old sound objects? Will this even cause any performance issues?
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    arcbox reacted to rich in Cross-origin image load denied by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy   
    You can set Loader.crossOrigin as well, which is applied to any images loaded via the loader.
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    arcbox reacted to meanderingleaf in How to flip sprite?   
    Setting its scale to negative and positive has worked for me. Note that if you want to have it flip in a normal way, you need to set it's x-anchor to the middle first
     sprite.anchor.setTo(.5, 1); //so it flips around its middle sprite.scale.x = 1; //facing default direction sprite.scale.x = -1; //flipped
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