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  1. Yes we are a startup, we are in contact with some investors.
  2. Thanks for your reply. We have a lot of attention from developers and we are excited for this. Follow us to see the next steps. Thomas
  3. Hi all, my feedbacks here: In the public site (coming soon) Paypal for now The developer decide what is better for his game. It could be "three life" in a platform game or "3 laps" in a racing game. The game is loaded in an iFrame. Our SDK are a simple wrapper to communicate to the parent window that take care to spend coins. Every communication from your game to parent window checks the target origin to prevent security holes. Different story if some one cracks your code. But this is another question I mean. If you post the same game in two portals, a free one and a paid one, it is obvious that no one will pay you. I think the difference is between developing a game in "Lite" version (with ads) and a full version to be published on Ukkio (with coins). If you are good and you make a good game, for those who want to play it full, they don't have to do anything: they only come on Ukkio. We do not have (for now) numbers to make sure it will work, the only thing we can do is find it out. At that point, you will just look at the revenues generated to decide whether to publish on Ukkio or continue with banner advertising. Because of the click- and-play style of web games, I think it's much easier to spend $ 0.06 just to try a game, that to evaluate an actual purchase of $ 4.99 . In the App-store, for example, to evaluate a purchase you have to rely on a description, 5 screenshots and reviews . In Ukkio you have just to try it . I think " SimNerd " has achieved our goal . When a player buys a package of coin, he receives an amount of free coins to share with his friends. These friends can do the same to return the favor. Every day, if the user logs in , he gets a handful of free coins to spend as he wishes. The amount of coins dispensed will vary based on users response . We are already considering the possibility of offering a flat subscription but it is still too early to implement it. We will discuss this issue again when we will have statistics on which to rely . The publication of the games on Ukkio is subject to our validation, this is in order to maintain an overall high quality. I thank you all guys, for suggestions and questions, that allow me to explain better our project! I hope I have answered in a comprehensive manner, feel free to contact me when you want. Long life to HTML5 games! Thomas
  4. Hi I'm Thomas co-founders of Ukkio. I would like to introduce you our platform for HTML5 games. It is based on a very simple concept: to play a game, the user must insert a coin. The price of a coin is $ 0.06 and we sell them in packages. We thought that this system allows users to try more games without any advertising. We strongly believe in "Do Not Disturb" the player with banners, especially in mobile devices. Ok in-app purchase exists, but in our opinion has ruined many games (on the player side). The 70% of the coin's value goes to the developer. Players have free coins at the first access to try the games (we have also other strategies to get the interest of users). We are currently in the initial stage and we have released our SDK ( We provide to developers free hosting, unlimited bandwidth, game promotion, payment system, free support. Here's an example of how easy it is to install our SKDs from the command line: Install Node.js and execute command: $ npm install ukkio-cli -g $ cd /my/fantastic/html5/game/folder $ ukkio sandbox $ Sandbox started: point your browser at http://localhost:5005/ Visit our developer site Please contact me if you want to learn more or if you have questions. My email is Thanks, Thomas