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  1. I think the core of the strategy isn't shifting from desktop to mobile, that's not something new, we all know the "appillionaire" stories. What I think is important from this is precisely what @Sanatan said, they really want top notch games. It's likely that they already have AAA studios on board developing content to be published through them which would make this strategy even more viable I'm sure they wont be closing the doors on indie developers, I've exchanged a few messages with them and they are extremely nice and encouraging. However, licensing AAA content costs more, which would
  2. Update: 3.6.14 Added a new TED Talk, a section denoted "people" and "games in business". Don't hesitate in adding more to the list, the more, the merrier
  3. Enjoyed playing it a lot! It's hard to get a homerun but motivating didin't like the music too much though (Works smooth on the nexus 7)
  4. There's always cfxr for sound nice game, very smooth and fun!
  5. Thanks for passing on info on these newer developments! @presidenten, true but CocoonJS claim to have up to 10x canvas acceleration ( http://support.ludei.com/hc/en-us/articles/202321098-Canvas-Promo ) so it could compensate for the WEBGL vs CANVAS performance loss, at least I think so.
  6. Awesome guys, thanks for the input Added it to the "Videos" section! Also added a new section: "groups".
  7. This is simply AWESOME! I have just one quick suggestion: Maybe in the "best practices to organise code" section, it would be interesting to talk about key performance issues/tips/best practices? This thread ( http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/6581-memory-management-for-performance/ ) is interesting because many beginners (like me) might not know exactly how to tackle these issues? It could also be interesting to know, for example, if using timers (extensively) decreases performance or not. I mean little things/tips like that could be really interesting even for general game programming
  8. Hey, nice start. What I think is that the player begins the game without really knowing what to do. This could be a potential "barrier" since they'll get frustrated and leave without having gotten the chance to kill actual zombies I had some trouble understanding the colour disc things? Maybe this scene could be once you're safe in the weapons room and you're trying to open some sort of futuristic lock. It should give players a nice rest and reward for their time before they go all rambo. Right now the "zombie alert" seems too well timed. Perhaps the game starts off with the alert and w
  9. Hey all, had a few minutes today to try something. I'm trying to implement the dat.GUI system control into a Phaser project so that I can quickly and intuitively turn on/off change, variables, etc. Here is what I have so far: luisfelipeart.com/labs/juicybreak/ So far I've only managed to make the GUI appear, after several attempts. (*noobness* ). I was also only able to make it show up if the entire game was in <script> tags in the html file and not using other methods. Any tips or ideas on how I could make this work would be greatly appreciated, or calling me a madman for trying
  10. Found this (outdated) article to be slightly interesting. It really does seem this the zombie trend will never end so it's certainly a theme still worth exploring. http://torbooks.co.uk/2013/09/02/zombies-the-trend-that-would-not-die/ I'd love to make one as well, just gotta get through exams first Good luck with yours!
  11. LAST EDIT: June 3rd, 2014 I wanted to open this topic up for anyone who is interested in discussing games as an educational medium. As well as collecting ressources such as dissertations, books, videos, lectures and so on that might inspire and help anyone interested in this industry. There is truly a lot of potential and opportunity in this industry. ------------ TED Talks ------------ 1. Classroom Game Design: Paul Andersen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qlYGX0H6Ec 2. Your Brain On Video Games: Daphne Bavelier http://www.ted.com/talks/daphne_bavelier_your_brain_on_video_games
  12. I like it a lot so far, looking forward to future updates
  13. Nice work on this one! Like the level design for the level where it says "Seriously, good luck". Very challenging Only thing that doesn't make sense is that when he's in the air he's 'air-walking'. Other than that, really enjoyed this game!
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