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  1. @turnA I think Sagemath is already a good example of what a good educational game can be, I mean they can take it anywhere, they might even arrive the next day in class and be at an advantage because they can solve problems quicker. The cool thing is they wouldn't even have noticed they where having so much fun solving math problems @retrodude That's already a fantastic idea, I like the added difficulty with having to buy a gift beforehand. I mean I can already imagine playing this game with excellent UI, scores, achievements etc. And you came up with that idea on the fly It's definitely true that it's hard to get sponsorship. In my opinion, to get this sector moving it'll have to be done the "indie basement garage" style until it develops enough hype to be a viable option for investors. Of course ads can be integrated, or could that be a bad idea?
  2. Found this interesting article on Threes (mobile). Seemed interesting enough to share Great insight into the design process, also a small mention on cloning: And their letters: What's you're guys view on cloning? In the art world we would immediately report anyone who stole artwork to publish in magazines without permission (unfortunately asian magazines most of the time) or artitst who simply publish artwork very similar to another. I think cloning is a great learning technique, at least that's how humans have always learned right? As long as the clone stays private, in my eyes it's ok, but publishing it? I don't know... Would we frown upon someone cloning a nobel prize author?
  3. I too have great love for flash, I got into the art industry inspired by stick figure animations and Tom Fulp's games. I also think generalising is an issue. But like you said, the tool won't die, and it shouldn't. It's very powerful and there are already millions of people using it, so really nothing is really changing, it's just that we will shift to to HTML5-exclusive deployment. I am very happy to have joined the joined the html5 gamedev vibe
  4. Interesting topic and thanks for explaining what sponsors are looking for in terms of graphics.
  5. Thanks to all the participants for taking the survey, helps a lot @Razor love to see that enthusiasm! I also share your vision. It would be fantastic. I think you're right., first as devs we must really become excellent in making games educational. But I think the easiest way would be to look at syllabus' that are quite global and create a game that follows the same path. Specially introduction to school classes or university lectures such as: Introduction to Political Economics or Introduction to Management, Accounting etc. Because a game teaching something too specific would have too small a market to be worth the effort. I mean I look at my university classes wher electures are held (around 200-300 people) and I can assure you around 50% mostly males are playing games ALL THE TIME! To me that just shows we have to get to people a different way, that's why I really feel there's a potential for this. But I also think that games that "look" educational aren't very attractive. Naming it: "Learn maths with Bobby" isn't going to cut it IMHO. These new educational games could be something very deep and profound, an inmersive experience where the player grows while solving problems that don't look like problems. The best reaction would be "well that wasn't so hard", then as the game progresses the user becomes more skillful and can solve more difficult problems. I think in terms of profit, t's difficult because in app store the game would be competing with games that focus entirely on entertainment most of the time, no on would necessarily be "looking" for you. But it could start on a website, like Duolingo (now they have an app). A place where people go to learn, through games. Then you could start publishing apps to the app store since you now have customers who want your services offline as well. But you're also right about subject matter being an issue. Calculus haha yes that would certainly be hard to convert into an educational game Glad to see people interested in educational games!
  6. Hello everyone! I'm developing a study for my university where I'm digging into the educational system of today. More specifically, I'm focusing on the fact that education could possibly benefit from steering legendary teaching methods to newer ones such as games to adapt to a new type of learner; The "NetGeners" as a few authors have referred to people that learn in different ways compared to typical educational methods. For this study, I'm conducting a survey, I would really love to have your input! I would like to publish my study once I'm done. It will be in french as my university is in french, but anyone interested in reading please send me a PM, I'd love to chat. I also recommend this essay to anyone who is interested to learn more about games and learning. There are some very interesting figures and ideas. Thank you for your time
  7. Maybe some of the errors that'll pop up can be solved by looking at the migration guide:
  8. Wow, this blew my mind! Excellent work Ivan. It really does work like Photoshop. Hope you keep this project up because I'd definitely become a regular user of this. Nice! As for feedback: The brush tool still needs work. It works great but I always work with a tablet so having pen pressure and the brush size/opacity be affected by the pressure is essential for me. Also needs some anti-aliasing. Although as is it would work marvels for pixel art And finally the general UI, What I like is that it resembles Photoshop so immediately I was able to understand and know where everything was. Maybe it could still be slightly different? I always hated their default color choose Corel Painter's seemed much more compact and intuitive. Here's an idea for the color picker: Otherwise, you've done amazing work on this, can't wait to see how it evolves!
  9. DONE! | Great games everyone!
  10. I really like the foreground algae effect and how the missiles really feel underwater. nice! Bed time for me, here's what I have so far: having trouble with boss health bars which seem so simple any suggestions? (I had to comment it out to allow the game to run properly)
  11. Here's what I have so far: title: Underneath YOUR surface
  12. Great idea Rich! Here are some thoughts: I second what @Lonan said about a similar system to CGCookie's "Citizen" model. As for asset stores, I think Envato's "Theme Forest" is a very successful model since it also gives content creators a chance to have 'a piece of the pie'. Also, as seen through Threadless's success, having the community create, vote, consume, contribute to the content really fuels and strengthens the community around it. The same can be true for Phaser Something like this, IMHO, could really begin to solidify the HTML5 Game Dev community and propel it even further. I know I'm a little late to the party, but glad to be here now I also believe tutorials drive communities. There are two excellent "narrators" (if you can call them that) who stand out because they teach naturally challenging subjects in a way that is much more fun and understandable through their voice, attitude and methods. These are Andrew Kramer ( ) and Andrew Price ( Countless video tutorials are made by people who assume their audience knows things that might be key, or they simply don't talk or don't really explain their reasoning. Here's where I think the most potential consumer is; beginners. I can say this when thinking about how I learned photoshop. Once you feel comfortable, and agile, you only really go looking for tutorials if there's a specific thing you might want to learn or a problem you don't know how to solve, or looking for a shortcut key to make your work faster. At that stage, video tutorials spanning over 20 mins isn't going to cut it, intermediate users to advanced might prefer a quick static tutorial explaining exactly what they want. The first HTML5 game I made was really all thanks to the Getting Started Tutorial and Lessmilk's Flappy Bird tutorial. They both made it seem so simple, explaining every little detail. I never felt discouraged, it motivated me to go even further. Then joining this community and seeing people motivated to make HTML5 games. For me, as a beginner developer, that's crucial! (Thank you by the way!) Sorry for the long post
  13. Brilliant! And I agree with Mike. Can't wait to see what this cool experiment inspires
  14. If you publish your game through they have a very easy way to integrate ads. Also have a look at Admob: It was mentioned on this post:
  15. In addition to what @alex_h said, you could also have a timer that triggers an event such as adding '+1' to the speed you set for the moving objects (the floor/obstacles for example) at a set interval (1 second for example) So if the initial speed is, say 200, then after 12 seconds it would be 212 and so on..
  16. Doesn't seem like you're enabling the physics system for the clouds. Try this in the create function: [ plane, cloud ], Phaser.Physics.ARCADE);
  17. Nice work! maybe the car could go faster at the beginning? Enjoyed playing it
  18. I was wondering if it's possible to check for actual events a user might undertake in the browser such as: opening the Javascript Console on Chrome or checking to see if the original source code was changed? The objective would be to prevent potential people from cheating in general. I was thinking that if this were possible, the game could output a small message: "Please close the console window to continue the game, all game data will be lost in 5 seconds". It sounds a little harsh, yes, and certainly wouldn't prevent people from looking at the code, but couldn't this method at least discourage cheating/ban it if the developer really wanted to? (of course only if it's actually possible)
  19. Played the game for quite a while, really enjoyed it. Could have done with some sweet gunshot sfx. I ended up trying to sprint through levels, maybe there could be a zombie horde/more difficult zombies near the end of each level to encourage you to be more tactic and slow down? other wise it was super fun!
  20. Loved the game mechanics, wow! It was super hard splitting my brain into thinking about the two elevators at the same time Really really enjoyed it! Awesome!
  21. Love the idea of the player always moving, it's very effective in making you want to take smarter and faster decisions. Level 3 was a bit difficult as I was just grasping the gameplay, but after that it took off. Nice work and idea. Also really like the clean artwork
  22. @turnA thank you! And glad to hear the gameplay was easier to grasp this time WIll have sound all my next games, I see it's a very important feature now @Rocco thanks! Wow that's very impressive! I've only gotten to 63 Thanks for pointing that bug. I didn't playtest on IE, Firefox or Opera. I should definitely do this for upcoming games. I did this in 2.0.2 switching to 2.0.3 shouldn't be a problem, thanks for the suggestion
  23. This is a very basic solution for the disk. If the character is always at the bottom left corner then the disc could be simply sprite that rotates using: // 'sprite' would be the actual disc sprite.sprite.body.angularAcceleration = 50;Instead of '50' you could also use a variable. You could then increment/decrease the speed to make the game harder/easier.