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  1. Fantastic game and excellent gameplay! Gaaah always hit lava near the end!
  2. Well what I mean by static is that the only thing that moves is the player. These would be some examples of something less static: parallax movement (perhaps as the player moves, there are multiple layers in the background that give a sense of another dimension). It would essentially just add a tad more depth to the game.the background is animated? like the infamous matrix screensaver: (too cliché of course, but you get the idea)Some games also add the narrator (which you have between levels) during actual gameplay, this could add a more dynamic feel. Check out: "Give up":
  3. Hard mode is definitely intense It feels a bit too static I think, but other wise it was very fun to play and quite addictive!
  4. Had lots of fun playing the game! Have you thought about the game being used as an educational tool? In any case, great work!
  5. Thanks! I was thinking maybe making a second version: Meteor Madness II. So no updates for this version, but making a v2 with new and awesome stuff (don't know what just yet, but I will use Rich's and your feedback as a starting point) Thank you all for playing
  6. Thanks Rich! Definitely! I will try to have good audio for my next game
  7. So I put my Bi-weekly html5 game project on hold to join the "Got Game?" competition. The result is Meteor Madness. Link: It's in essence a port from the gameplay of my first html5 game, however I wanted to experience how my workflow and pipeline might change when having mobile in mind. I still have a lot of optimization, recycling etc to learn. Feeling much more at ease with Phaser Play it on desktop (left/right arrow keys) or mobile (tap left/right sides to move) Enjoy! Ratings and feedback greatly appreciated
  8. Hello! I'd appreciate any input on this issue I'm having. So I'm making another version of one of my html5 mini games and porting it to mobile. Everything is running ok when I play my game on desktop, but on mobile the hero only plays de "idle" animation. I'm also flipping the scale and that works fine. Try it out here: On desktop you can use the cursor keys and on mobile tap either the left or right side to move. Here is the code for desktop movement: // DESKTOP MOVEMENT if (hero.alive == true && cursors.left.isDown) { hero.body.velocity.x = -600;'run'); hero.scale.x = -1; } else if ( hero.alive == true && cursors.right.isDown) { hero.body.velocity.x = 600;'run'); hero.scale.x = 1; } else { hero.body.velocity.x = 0;'idle'); }And for touch movement: // MOBILE MOVEMENT if ( { if (hero.alive == true && Math.floor( === 0) { hero.body.velocity.x = -600;'run'); hero.scale.x = -1; } else if (hero.alive == true && Math.floor( === 1) { hero.body.velocity.x = 600;'run'); hero.scale.x = 1; } else { hero.body.velocity.x = 0;'idle'); } }Thank you
  9. You can duplicate the file you're currently writing your game in (Game.js) and rename it: Level2.js or instance. Basically every .js file is a state or level, in most tutorials they just focus on the 'Game' state, but you could have 'Game1', 'Game2', 'Game3' etc. (the name doesn't really matter, could be level1, level2 etc) You could use these to make things like a: upgrade/shop level, "you won/lost", level select, character selector, etc Then, in the html file where you're deploying the game, make sure to include as Pedro said: game.state.add('Boot', BasicGame.Boot);game.state.add('Preloader', BasicGame.Preloader);game.state.add('MainMenu', BasicGame.MainMenu);game.state.add('Game', BasicGame.Game);game.state.add('Level1' BasicGame.Game);game.state.add('Level2' BasicGame.Game);(...)Also make sure not to forget to link the .js file in the html's header: <script type="text/javascript" src="js/Boot.js"></script><script type="text/javascript" src="js/Preloader.js"></script><script type="text/javascript" src="js/MainMenu.js"></script><script type="text/javascript" src="js/Game.js"></script><script type="text/javascript" src="js/Level1.js"></script><script type="text/javascript" src="js/Level2.js"></script>(...)
  10. You could trigger the following code once you reach the checkpoint: this.state.start('Level2');
  11. Have a look in the phaser examples under the "Debug" section. For sprite bounds you can use: game.debug.spriteBounds(sprite);
  12. For starters, let me say that I love the visuals, very nice work! The game itself is pretty fun, I didn't like the fact that the enemy started to spawn instantly as I didn't understand at first how the mechanics of placing a unit worked, so I lost some advantage there. Otherwise, once I got the hang of it it was very fun. Of course I assume the game is made for tower defence lovers As for the UI, I felt the level progress in percentage distracted me a bit, maybe it could simply be a 1px tall bar that fills horizontally as the game progresses, so visually the player will know if the wave is almost over or not. (like in someracing games where a small arrow represents the course progression along a line) Otherwise it was super solid and fun, great work!
  13. Love this take on the flappy bird clone extravaganza, reminds of gravity guy, I haven't been able to get past a single column though 7!! Yes! Incredibly addictive
  14. Someone pointed out that a game on the showcase section ( was using something called the Zynga Viewporter ( It claims to help out in the whole resizing for mobile browsers dilema. I'm looking to enter the challenge and this entire resizing thing's got me quite confused. Has anyone tried it? Would it be compatible with Phaser or other frameworks?
  15. Have a look at the migration guide: under"Changes to Phaser.Sprite". This might be the answer. Hope it helps
  16. Hey everyone, So for one of my uni classes, we're given the option to write a thesis type essay so I went with: "Games as a central support in education". (by games I refer to all types of games digital or not). First of all, I'd like to share a very interesting document I stumbled upon, it's quite an interesting read, specially if you're in the ed business: But secondly, I'd like to open the floor to your opinions. What do you think about educations and games? Instead of a massive syllabus, could the central support be multiple games/interactive experiences? I remember how I learnt the English language, I was small but it was all entirely through games, yet now in my uni I was "forced" to take German (because the other option was Dutch but for some reason they didn't let me take it ), and my teacher uses NO games at all, and it really made me realise the importance of games and education. Kids now a days are practically glued to tablets and phones, but what are they doing exactly? Playing, they love it! It's an excellent way to teach things I find, I find myself often having difficulties consentrating during lectures even though the core subject is super interesting. I feel that our way of learning is changing but the methods through which knowledge is transfered isn't at the same speed. Would love to hear your input!
  17. I have yet to get my hands dirty with P2.0, but just wanted to say that so far I've really gotten fond of Phaser, so thank you Rich and everyone involved in making Phaser and adding to it, excellent work and excellent framework!
  18. Pretty cool, thanks for sharing!
  19. YES! I also think this is an excellent idea! Tell us what could we help with? Donations? Artwork? Snippets? Word of mouth? I'd be more than glad to help! I don't know if anyone has look at Eloquent Javascript by Martijn Heverbeke. I found it was interesting to read but also in the same browser be able to do the actual examples, so theory and practice interwoven EDIT: Also, prior to switching to Phaser, I gave Gamesalad a few shots and found that the best way to learn it was through video, there's this guy called "teeshirtbooth" I think, had an excellent voice for tutorials and really took it step by step. Of course you can't compare Gamesalad to Phaser and video alone wouldn't be all that effective, but it could be a really effective and fun way to get people interested and "pumped" that might be discouraged at first. Something like "making an 'title goes here' game with phaser in 30 minutes' but also having that video explain very basic notions like gravity, etc. That's just a quick idea, but in any case, I reallt like the idea of a book/reference source
  20. Me neither, hope it's nothing too serious, the screenshots made me curious to see the actual game in motion