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  1. Hey, thanks a lot for the feedback! Yes the game was heavily inspired on Nidhogg, so much that I spent more time trying to emulate the graphics and animations rather than focusing on actual game logic, gameplay etc All the feedback given is excellent, I will definitely have these points all in mind to really start creating playable and enjoyable games. Thank you so much @Lonan and @turnA
  2. Hey guys! Here's game #2 Learned a lot of stuff, got too much into the graphics and compromised time I could have spent coding better and making the gameplay better. This should be the most important thing, so lesson learnt! Tell me what you think! If anyone's interested, I could upload a video showing the level design process.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I tried implementing your code, I didn't succeed tonight but I'm sure the problem is on my side, tomorrow I'll hopefully nail it down, this was super useful and informative! Thanks, the inspiration for this one comes directly from Nidhogg, I'm trying to diversify and learn to make different types of games and art. Haha yes, Lessmilk is definitely an amazing source of inspiration! Looking forward to seeing your games, really enjoyed Octoball
  4. Hey everyone, So I'm in the final stages of my second bi-weekly game. I started with character animations, all animations play correctly when called in the update() function, but when I put the action animation inside a function called in by an onDown event, it doesn't play. Here's what I have: create: function() {(...)actionKey.onDown.add(this.heroHits, this);}then: heroHits: function() {'attack'); if(actionTimer == 1 &&, enemy)) { this.enemyHealth -= 1; enemyLabel.content = this.enemyHealth; enemy.body.velocity.x = 1500; enemy.body.velocity.y = -350; actionTimer = 0; } },If you need to look at the entire thing for context, here goes: Triggering the animation in the update() function works as expected (like the run animation), but I don't want to play it continuously. Any insight on this matter and maybe tips on improving AI would be greatly appreciated! I'm sure it's a very silly mistake, excuse my n00bness Thanks
  5. I find it's really been helping me to just focus on writing in JS with a simple text editor like sublime text. I did look at TypeScript but for my level it seemed like it would just add another level of difficulty to a language I want to master which would be counter productive. Plus this way, I force my self even to re-write a line such as: var game = new Phaser.Game(...); it may seem trivial to others, but at least for me it really helps nail down key concepts not only in the Phaser framework but in JS in general.
  6. Awesome, these weekly game ideas really push creativity in interesting and fun ways. I think the game concept is very solid, it's the sort of gameplay that works. But I think you could add an element that will really hook the player, some ideas: the good old power-up (since you're playing with geometrical shapes, perhaps a supersonic-warp-time-startreck-inspired powerup?) Because the player seems to be advancing in ft really fast but it doesn't seem like it durong gameplayI liked the idea of a sort of trail the player leaves behind when moving (the two other faded shapes)maybe another power-up could be the ability to destroy rectangles that could hold either prizes or the opposite, similar to rpg coin chests?My 2ยข
  7. Fantastic work guys! Projects like these truly inspire and ignite passion Really pumped to play and explore such an amazing looking world through the power of HTML5! Did the Duelyst team use a specific framework for development or more of a custom build?
  8. Agreed! But still super playable. I really, really liked this game, super simple, beautiful and extremely addictive. I thought the numbers wher einformative, but IMO don't fit the simplicity of the game, thay are too litteral. Maybe have tiny white circles represent numbers?
  9. Looking great! I thought it was an interesting idea to have the player start on the bottom left, however, in my opinion the diagonal train tracks really add a lot of dynamism visually speaking, could be nice to have the player's tank move along this diagonal to add more interactivity to the game? In any case, I really enjoyed playing it! Also cool idea to set the player in a story (I'm referring to the text + images on the home screen)
  10. Awesome game! Really like how you set the setting, by this I mean the website in general reflects the game, it's incredible how much this adds to the game! Also liked how time is slowed down when we're targeting the next virus to eat, also liked the animations and artwork in general, I quickly understood what player I controlled and differentiation between enemies! I sometimes found myself wanting to target the purple bad guys instead of the red ones, maybe you could integrate a targeting system? It could even be a powerup In any case, awesome work!
  11. Thanks for the awesome feedback guys! @Mike, it's true, any form of creation is good! @lessmilk, merci! Great feedback I'll definitely add a restart button and try to handle incrementing bomb falling speed. So that at the begining as you said it wont be full bomb-falling madness. And thank you for the awesome inspiration you give all of us as well, great project Thomas! @turnA, thanks! will try to learn more about pixel art, I've just fallen in love with Towerfall's style You're very right! I'll add a restart button
  12. Oh wow! That will definitely come in supper handy, thanks a lot!!
  13. Hey everyone. I'm really inspired by everyone's work here, and I gotta say, Thomas' (lessmilk) weekly games project is definitely the best way to learn, I have had this same "practice makes perfect" experience in art. So I've decided to take on a similar challenge. I DO NOT intend to rip Thomas' idea at all or take credit for it, I simply find that this is also a great way to learn and share one's progress. Feedback has always been a key aspect for me. So onto actual gaming! this thread'll be my digital game sketchbook I really appreciate constructive criticism. Here's the first game I've made, I also made the art, I have very little pixel art skills as it's not too much in my domain, hopefully I'll get better at it as well Game 002: 23.3.2014 (Heavily inspired from Nidhogg) Game 001: 10.3.14
  14. That also looks like a great solution. If the hero sprite is killed, would I really still have access to it's x-y coordinates when it died?
  15. Awesome, thanks for your reply, It helped a lot! I ended up changing it a wee bit to make it work:, this);I just added an indicator that is killed once the player touches the bomb, and when this is killed. I had to do this because otherwise I had to kill the player and it would just disappear Thanks!
  16. Hello there I'm trying to figure out a way to propel the player once it is hit by a bomb(= death). First, in the update() function I'm checking if the player is alive, if false then I call a deadHero() function where I have this: deadHero: function(){ this.hero.body.velocity.y = -500; }But since, I think, the function is being called into the update function, it continuously adds velocity to the player. I get this, but looking at the Click Burst example in the Phaser docs, I see that the emitter is called from the create() function which results in the function being called only once and not continuously 60FPS. How could I do the same but having it only act once the player is dead? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!! Luis
  17. Hey everyone, I just really wanted to share this video about creating worlds. We all do it when creating games, drawing, daydreaming, what have you. But I think this TedEd video really sums it all up, I hope it will provide inspiration for world-building in your games What do you guys think about worlds in games? Story, etc?
  18. I've also heard about offloading .js files onto different servers. Did I understand correctly? However, wouldn't this cause problems on mobile in terms of latency?
  19. I've seen some people work on Blender ( or any 3D package to make either run cycle mockups or really polished final character animations, then having a camera point in side view and export frames from the animation inPNGs with transparent background. it's really just another "style" to the traditional drawing approach. I think this game used that technique: NinJump Deluxe The game remains 2D but the character feels, at least to me, as if it was made and animated in 3D before exporting individual frames. In any case, I think that's just another way of doing things that could come useful depending on the project, of course that does add another skill you have to learn but just wanted to mention it If not then I completely recommend photoshop, anything you want to do, can be done, of course it's just another toolset, practice makes perfect, not the tool I've looked into GIMP and myPaint before, the thing was that I had already used photoshop a few years before I tried it so it never sticked. But they are equally as powerful. For example, David Revoy ( uses nothing but open source software to make his paintings.
  20. The game is very fun, you guys nailed a really fun and interesting gameplay style. The level that got me hooked was the one where the entire borders are filled with spikes. Wish it was harder though! I confirm the issue with Chrome, tried it on some mobile devices and performance as good. Nice work!
  21. Love the gameplay and idea, couldn't stop playing for like 10 minutes straight good work! I tested the game on my iTouch (4th gen) using Chrome and the graphics where blurry but stayed in proportion, is this normal? the game performed very well though. Just thought I'd let you know!
  22. Loving the retro visuals, very unique. Can't wait to get my hands on this game Keep up the excellent work and thanks for sharing the process, always nice to see how a game evolves