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  1. @ColinNorthway This is what every VR trailer should look like.

  2. Yeah, keyboard and icon shortcuts are a great idea. Whatever it is, it should not interrupt the flow of the game. Also, thanks Ryan
  3. What I mean is that the player cannot get very big before they are too big to avoid stars. Maybe have more rocks, but the player grows and shrinks slower. I would not include a shop. The flow of your game should remain simple. A menu would complicate things too much. You should definitely have the sky change happen sooner. Within at least the first 10 seconds. Players will stick around much longer that way.
  4. This is great. Really well-made and very engaging. I was a bit put off by the frame rate drop when things exploded. I would have played a lot longer if the frame rate had remained consistent. I am using an iPad with retina (3rd gen I think?), if that helps. McDonald's is a really big sponsor. I see you all work with them a lot, which is really cool. They got quality content.
  5. It really was charming once the clouds began to appear. I really liked the sky change. The gameplay suffered a bit from an inability to grow past a certain point. It felt somewhat pointless to collect rocks since they would immediately be taken away. Perhaps when you are hit a rock flies off that you can catch again (like the rings in Sonic). In spite of that, I found myself smiling at the silliness of it by the end. I would find ways to increase player choice and player reward within the middle of the game. Thanks for sharing what you have so far. Good luck with the rest of it! Ryan
  6. I definitely agree with Rich. It's strangely compelling. I was still clicking furiously at it even though there was no reason for me to. I like that I could choose my own pace, but I wanted a goal to reach for. Nothing too complex--the simplicity was really charming--but some sort of marker of progress would be great. Other than that I think you have a real winner on your hands. Thanks for sharing it! Ryan
  7. Construct 2 has been a real pleasure to work with. Unfortunately I started running into some performance problems within the editor (not the running game) as the game reached 300+ events along with the large number of images I used. Next time I work on this scale I will probably take more precautions to keep the editor running smoothly. It suited my needs, though.
  8. Thanks! I definitely could put it on the Chrome store. With HTML5 the options are pretty limitless, are they not? Mute buttons. I always forget mute buttons. Thanks for the thought.
  9. Hey everyone, This week marks the beginning of an adventure in app stores for me. I wrote a post-mortem of my game, Precarious Potions, to wrap up development (which lasted almost two full years). I thought the community here would be interested in both the article and the game, which was of course written in HTML5 before being wrapped for app stores. There is also a web version should you not feel like downloading any apps at the moment. For the post-mortem: http://creativeinkgames.com/2014/03/05/precarious-potions-post-mortem/ For the game: http://www.precariouspotions.com Any reviews,
  10. Apple is enforcing it, but it's rather illogical since King cannot say a game made in 2005 was infringing on IP they hadn't even made yet. The general outrage on the Internet is because it doesn't make sense for them to claim a word which is and was in common use before Candy Crush, especially in games. It'll blow over eventually, but right now don't expect entrance into walled gardens like app stores with Candy in your title.
  11. I know this post was about performance and not the game itself, but as you move forward I would keep this article in mind: http://www.gamezebo.com/news/2014/01/20/king-has-trademarked-word-candy-and-youre-probably-infringing Ridiculous. But worth noting, regardless.
  12. Thanks for the comments. Everything mentioned so far I have thought myself at one point or another. It is nice to have it's confirmed. I will be putting the changes in and will update here when they are done.
  13. Hello everyone, I'm looking for some feedback on my newly finished game, Red Bug Green Bug. I have tried to make the mechanics understandable without blocks of text describing them but have no way of knowing how well players will understand how to play without getting some feedback. If you could let me know what your experience was like I would appreciate it! >>Play Thanks! Ryan
  14. Don't count the days. It could be weeks to months before you hear back. Just keep making games and pitching them
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