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  1. Happy New year! We are currently accepting 2D, 3D and Animation Projects.
  2. We are currently open for new art, 3D, animation & general design projects!
  3. The Grim Panda Design team is currently accepting new art and design projects. We have a team of experienced and seasoned 2D & 3D artists and animators who have provided assets for many of the best-selling mobile game companies on the market today. We work with any budget, large or small, and can quote prices on a project level, per-diem, or hourly. With the ability to work in vector, concept, and realistic styles, our team is dedicated to making your project come to life. The quality of your assets will be precise, clean, and look brilliant in your mobile IP. We pride ourselves on bringing your player into the world you have envisioned. Due to legal obligations with many of our clients, we cannot publicly post our complete portfolio. Please contact me at for samples. Thank you, and we look forward to bringing your creative design to the next level.
  4. This is a great game! The character at the very beginning catches your attention even more with the sound and overexaggeration. One thing I may suggest is putting in a tutorial phase, if you feel like prolonging the experience rather than jumping right into the game (which is great, too!) For example- when the opposing team kicks the ball, pause- then, tutorial -- "Kick the ball with "X" or "Space". It's very well done, very responsive.
  5. Hello there! Since you mentioned it was for PC only, I had thought that there would be even a small tutorial on how the game was to be played. However, I attempted to swipe, click where I wanted the ball to land to try to get it into the basket to no avail I really think your coding is great, just may need some clarification on the actual controls and how to use them
  6. Anytime! I'd be happy to be there to bounce ideas off of! PM me anytime.
  7. Hi, Dave! Just popping in to say that this is a brilliant idea! I hope the submissions are shared! I'd love to see what the community comes up with.
  8. Hey there, Very nice! I would definitely think about a tutorial when you have things exactly where you want them Perhaps something like a rainbow colored block that is in a hard-to-reach area which will blow up four surrounding blocks? Something along those lines, just to liven gameplay a little at different levels/time elapsed.
  9. Hi Ozdy, Well, when I saw the title, I was instantly excited ? ! (I'm a huge fan of rabbits ?) That aside, your game play was fantastic. I especially liked the third level where the bunny can jump onto the spikes both on the ground and above-really adds an extra little challenge for the players. The game is incredibly smooth on mobile, and it was overall a very enjoyable experience!
  10. Hi, Virbas! I just played through Frauen, and I absolutely love your controls! They were the first things that stood out- I love that you have a thumbnail for the "punch" and "kick"- movement on mobile is also smooth. The difficulty is spot on! I can tell that you have really thought through both the development and end user experience and process.
  11. Welcome Drew! Phaser is an amazing framework, and an awesome way to delve into the community. Good luck, and nice to meet you!
  12. The industry does seem to be moving more towards free to play games on mobile- however, I believe that, like labrat mentioned, "If the game is good, people will play it and you can convert". If you're thinking of making a desktop/browser game that isn't an intensive lengthy or massive one, my advice would be to ensure your game is mobile/cross platform compatible. That way, you don't worry about turning down clients that would like to license your game for mobile only.
  13. Hello! Our team is looking for two experienced HTML5 developers who are able to join our team immediately. Duties will range from creating mini games, to full HTML5 games (using Phaser) in addition to simpler conversions. With this in mind, we need a developer who is dedicated, hard working, extremely knowledgeable and who takes pride in his or her product. One position has full-time work opportunities available, the other has active, but not full time work available. This is a telecommute position, that is, you do not need to be US based to be considered. However, strong English speaking and communication is mandatory. You must have experience with the following: Flash: The native files and file assets you may be converting are in .fla format. Slack: With all projects, we do require a very open communication dialogue. We use Slack for our team conversations. HTML5: You will be converting and/or creating HTML5 games for mobile, tablet, and all platforms. Git Repository: Experience with GIT is a plus, but can train for this. Phaser: Phaser knowledge is a must! You should demonstrate a mastery with all of it’s features, and have titles in your portfolio using the framework. Additional Skills: Experience in other languages, libraries and tools will be useful, so please include any additional skills you may have in your initial contact with us. Our projects all require precise skills, a quick turnaround time, and an extremely high quality product. We will be making a decision shortly, so, please, send along your portfolio and your experience ASAP. Please send along information to: I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much!
  14. Thank you to everyone who has sent me the links to their work. Please don't hesitate to contact me with your portfolio, as we have many projects that we require great artists for! Thanks! Jess
  15. Grim Panda Software LLC is looking for a vector artist for upcoming games. We have an immediate paid project opening and the right candidate will also be considered for future work projects. The correct candidate must be able to product extremely high quality vector art and animations for our Mobile Developer Team. Candidate must be able to produce in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and have flexible design styles. Our current project is a kids game so we are looking for a style similar to the examples shown below. (Please note these are just Google Image grabs and are copyright of their respective owners and do not reflect our product in any way, they are simply style examples). We will be filling this position within 24 hours of this post. To apply, please respond with portfolio links or examples of your work and what your typical rates are. Again, we will be filling this position quickly, so please be ready to respond to email follow-ups ASAP. Please email all responses to, we will check this thread for replies. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!