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    Just great! I knew that googling would save me a lot of time in the end!! Now I just need to send the family away somewhere so I can get some serious boardgame coding done this weekend...
  2. Sorry, I think you are right and I was wrong. I thought Vassal was just a tool for playing physical boardgames over the web with friends. Now when I look closer it actually seem to be a framework where I can develop my own boardgames as modules. I will take another look at that later, thank you.
  3. I've read about VASSAL, but I thought it was a tool for playing boardgames over the web, not a framework for developing your own games? Maybe I was wrong then?
  4. Well, animations could always be fancy, but I haven't managed to find any examples for any of the javascript gameengines. Perhaps board/card games are considered very boring
  5. Yes, I bet phaser reduce a lot of boilerplate code at least. I'll just start out with Phaser and then see where it will ends, thanks for input.
  6. True, I've googled and read about a lot of different gameengines (tried a lot of them also) but they all seem to be well suited for platformers and actiongames. I'm not sure if it would give me any benefit at all, maybe better to use meteor or something and build it myself.
  7. Hi all, I've read and walked through a couple of the Phaser tutorials and it's a very nice framework for sure. However, I was thinking about making some old classic boardgames in html/mobile versions just for fun and I'm not sure how well suited Phaser is to handle stuff like that. (drawing maps of risk, monopoly, small world style etc) and then just sit back and wait for events. (i did that many years ago in Java/Swing but hey, it's 2014 now..) I'm sure it will work, but I haven't found any nice tutorials or examples so i was thinking that it might be better to build it from scratch. Any thoughts? Regards
  8. love the idea, Im just about to play around with phaser myself and would love one. (can it be written this weekend, pleeease.. ) Option 1 is, as you say, less user friendly. Newbies with less programming experience won't have much use of a reference book I'm afraid, so my vote must be on option 2. However, a reference guide is awesome once you know the basics so ...