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  1. Why not make your own art? Take a look at http://www.gamefromscratch.com/post/2013/06/11/Creating-art-for-your-game-when-you-are-a-programmer.aspx
  2. An aside: As coders/developers, do you find it more rewarding to actually code or games, or would rather use an engine where you do less coding (and probably as a consequence develop more quickly)? Thanks
  3. Personally, I would recomment CS50x to anyone interested in learning how to program. It's being offered though edx. It's free, it's a Harvard course, and ifyou complete it you even earn a certificate. It's a fantastic course, you really get your feet wet in the ocean of programming Languages include: C [mainly] and then, more briefly, PHP, HTML, CSS (and maybe Javascript as well). Anyway, I'd totally recommend you check it out
  4. Do any of you publish your games to App Stores (i.e. Apple, Android, etcetera etcetera). I ask because I read in PhotonStorm: Thanks!