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  1. I also love the style and I'm a huge fan of that jump animation! I had fun playing it! Would love to play more! If can, will you please also check out my game : Thanks!
  2. Kirko Tagline: Kirko is about how the worlds we build fit a specific body we deem 'normal' and if you don't fit in the world, things are a lot more difficult for you. Kirko Controls: Left/Right arrow keys to move Up arrow key to jump I have made some progress on my game/interactive story that has been plaguing my head for about a year now. This is a short preview with some of the elements coming together. I am a one man dev team so forgive the crudeness. It's still a work in progress. For the parts where it's long stretches of land I am envisioning having art to keep you busy, for example Circular houses/trees/ etc. Let me know what you think! It's exciting to start seeing my vision come to life! If you support my cause follow me at : Twitter Thanks for playing! P.S Just so you can see the progress: Original demo here:
  3. Hmmm yea I guess I kind of need the physics here if you wanna take a look I'd really appreciate it! so if you press space you can move with the arrow keys at around 17700 the box appears! Let me know! Thanks!
  4. Hey there thanks for the answer! im not sure exactly what you mean though? Should I use anchor.setTo to set the anchor/pivot point, And then how can I rotate manually?? Thanks!
  5. Hey all I have this square I am rotating in my simple plat former and it moves along the straight ground perfectly. I am using: enemy.body.rotateLeft(450); This rotates the enemy perfectly, and moves it along, but I also have these hills in my game and when the enemy square encounters the hill it has a terrible time trying to get up it. Is there some sort of property that I can set that would help with this perhaps mass? Or any ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks! P.S I've attached a picture of the square on the hill for reference. Thanks!
  6. Ahh this is great! I was wondering why this wasn't a built in already! Thanks for the help you two!
  7. Hey all, I'm trying to have a movable character go from no camera follow to camera follow when the game starts, but what happens is that when the camera follow gets called the movement is instant and doesn't look very good. Is there any way to have a smooth rather than instant camera follow transition? Thanks!
  8. Hey all, I just finished and published my very first game using the Phaser engine! I programmed all of the game logic and the art was done by somebody I found on gamedevclassifieds page on reddit! Check it out and let me know what you guys think! Thanks! All you have to do is avoid the dinosaurs to avoid extinction! Meteroar!: PS. Tell me your score!
  9. Hey there, I was wondering whether there was an easier of dealing with curvy shapes such as the one I have attached. I've done a similar shape that was much smaller using P2 physics and handing in to physics a JSON of smaller rectangles to handle collisions. This took me quite a while though especially to get something that acted smoothly. Is there any way of adding either physics data or drawing this shape with P2 so that it can collide well with other objects? Thanks in advance!
  10. Wow, very cool! Simple yet very very creepy! I'm a big fan of this and would love to see more!
  11. Thank you Rich! I am trying to keep it simple! Not really much of an artist
  12. Very cool concept! I love the art style it kind of reminds me a little of that cartoon on Nickelodeon Invader Zim, but a lot less creepy!
  13. Hey there! So this is my first time posting on here! I'm making a game/interactive story with Phaser and I have put a couple of the elements together so I'm really excited. The story of the game deals with the fact that the worlds we build seem to fit a certain body and sometimes if you stray from that, well, then things can get difficult. Let me know what you think! Link is here: Thanks again!
  14. Hey thanks a lot! I have a question though, it rolls fine now, but if I try to rotate while rolling down the hill it reverts to the speed of the rotation, the rotating doesn't contribute to the speed it's going at already. Also thanks for the pyramid advice I was looking for something like that I remember in ARCADE physics it was something like immovable! Thanks!!!
  15. Awesome thanks! Here is a public link: basically I want the pink ball to be able to roll on the pyramid mountain thing and other sloping objects. Thanks again!!