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  1. RT @LostDecadeGames: A Wizard's Lizard: Soul Thief is now available via Steam Early Access! https://t.co/s5GGPn9EME

  2. RT @ZenvaTweets: This is the third part of our Fruit Ninja tutorial series with #Phaserjs, by Renan Oliveira - https://t.co/L5KQQkAlJQ

  3. I think *you* should focus on Lazer. An option that might be worth exploring is a kickstarter or other crowdfunding operation to hire somebody to integrate Pixi v4 for you, so that both can happen.
  4. Ironbane is a 3D Action Rpg MMO built using HTML5 Play Now! http://play.ironbane.com/ We've just released a new version 0.4 pre-alpha. Our technology stack is using [MeteorJS](http://meteor.com/). This allows us to use the concept of reactivity and apply it in a gaming context, which is very cool but experimental to say the least. In addition we're using AngularJS on top of MeteorJS (http://angularjs.meteor.com/). This unique combination allows us to re-use a lot of components while still making good use of Meteor's concepts which are very helpful for us. We use THREE.js for the rendering
  5. 2 things to get you further along (still isn't rendering for me) #assets { visibility: hidden; }display: none makes it have width of 0 $('#landscape-image').ready(function() { console.log('image ready, start it up!'); init(); animate();});need to wait for the image to finish loading, since you have jquery this should work...
  6. interesting read, also I tried the short demo version on the main site. seems fun. great to hear a success story!
  7. nevermind, I see you could do this: game.scene.stage.scale.set(2,2)
  8. I want to know how to scale the app like ImpactJS does, there wouldn't be stuff missing from the screen. It'd just blow things up so that 16x16 tiles don't look super tiny.
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