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  1. thank you for the code, could you me tell yet where the error doesn't work anyway and to tell you where we can discuss about such errors. Please.
  2. good day at the problem with the javascript code that I need to run. the code should draw two lines, but why not draw. here's the code, please help if you can. <!DOCTYPE html><html><head lang="en"> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title></title></head><body><canvas id = 'MyCanvas' width = 512 height = 384></canvas><script type="text/javascript"> </script><script>var canvas = document.getElementById('MyCanvas');var ctx = canvas.getContext('2D');ctx.beginPath();ctx.moveTo(20,20);ctx.lineTo(470, 20);ctx.lineTo(20, 470);ct
  3. and there is no theme, so I probably will create again.
  4. And what is babylon.ts may have babylon.js. as far as I understand you need to use babylon.js in VS. what problems connected babylonjs as usual library, and work with it in html.
  5. yesterday posted a topic asking who can help with javascript code, looked at the forum topics there, looked in character mycontent, topics no. the question where are the subject?
  6. So I want to make a TIC TAC toe 3D. Coordinates x,y,z 3 3. the algorithm is, but experience in implementation no. here and ask the main points I need a control point on the scene, the movie of your mouse. I have long wanted to make a game but as time is not enough and desire too.
  7. not always be able to explain as we would like.
  8. no no this theme move bascket.
  9. Please, tell me draw point. and how to control the mouse roller.
  10. csg tell me I need to create a figure It out yourself ball is created from a not very wide strips with a cut from the side. Well, let's say the ball can be linked with the cube, and here is how to do this ball of bands don't understand yet.
  11. no I haven't looked Csg. I do not hope to write code using the other. Perhaps the information you showed me will help but I don't quite understand to which section apply, whether it's animation whether yet another tool. but thanks anyway.
  12. Sorry, my question? originally was set incorrectly for creating my model I need a three-dimensional array , the code point or line, then merge into one obejct, and the rotation of the camera.
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