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  1. Hi! I have researched how to integrate the Google Play Games with our javascript games, and found nothing. Any of you have a idea how to do it? P.S.: After I see the CocoonJS demo, I see that is possible, but, how to do it?
  2. Planet Defender was made in Pixis but the physics are simple. I found in P2 the Revolute Constraint, but is too hard to have it nicelly...
  3. I've try P2 but the movement that I planned to my sprites turn all fuzzy... I'm trying to apply this to phaser... P2 deoesn't have a pivot thing, so made my life dificult...
  4. Hi there!! How to rotate Physics.Arcade.body? I've tried set the Physics.Arcade.Body.rotation(after set the allowRotation to true) to be equal to te sprite angle, but, nothing happends...
  5. Will be a good one, case we need to resize the sprite.
  6. It's Alive!!! Thanks man \o
  7. The seems not work with rectangles...
  8. How to prevent the update method keep updating?? Because even if we don't put the object.update they keep updating... With this we can freeze all objects and put the pause screen on top of the sprites and attached to the camera. It can be done?
  9. Hi \o I'm trying to collide a rectangle with a sprite.body, and nothing happends! I allready try Phaser.Rectangle.intersects, Phaser.Physics.Arcade.intersets and Phaser.Physics.Arcade.overlap and nothing work! I have to enable something? Thanks!
  10. Hey bro, try to put the velocity of the sprite to your point of gravity...
  11. Hey, you guys have to putt the size of the sprite in the object settings!!! \o
  12. I understand. But, my question is, if we added all objects to the Phaser.GameObjectFactory and add in the game ass a Phaser object will make the game less laggy.
  13. Hi there little felas, I stumbled upon two ways to code with Phaser in OOP. Each one are diferent in how to code, and in how to structure your game. The first is the familiar Let's call it "flappy tutorial". And the second is the And this we call it "not-flappy tutorial". Well, the flappy tutorial uses a simple and easy to understand way to structure the game. He uses the objects/classes ass a simple module of code to be added to the main code, without any complication and any work to think about. In the not-flappy tutorial, I took a few seconds to understand how it works. He makes the object a extention of the Phaser.Sprite to determinate that object ass a sprite, and to add to the game, you have to add ass a existing object through Phaser.Game.add.existing and add the object ass a Phaser object. Cool huh? So, witch one of these ways make our game run smoothly? Take less time to execute? May the force be with us, so we can live long and prosper...
  14. Salvatore

    Rotate Camera

    How to rotate the camera?? Is there a angle method?