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  1. Update v 1.1 1. corrections 2. import settings
  2. Hi guys! A little over a month, I started my studies with pandajs, and I had the idea to make a particle editor for pandajs. I hope you like the tool. Thanks enpu, for you have created pandajs! It a great tool. Congratulations! link: http://byleosantana.com/pandajs/particleeditor/ Notes:1. I made a little change in particle.js, I inserted a var 'this.color',to change particle color.2. I made a extend of Emitter, to read the settings file. 'particleSettings.json'. links: http://byleosantana.com/pandajs/archives/particle.js andhttp://byleosantana.com/pandajs/archives/particleSystem.js Now I'm working in a way of import the archive 'particleSettings.json' to edit in particleEditor. note: this will be inserted in Update for v 1.1
  3. How to create particles in the pandajs with p2physics? Thanks!
  4. I didn't try, because the pixiJS have already a "dragonbones" your name is "Spine". I'm sorry!
  5. How know the fps for to set animationSpeed? Thanks!
  6. Thanks empu! How I didn't know, I did something that it resolved.take a look: function hitTestPoint(a, { var dx = b.x - a.position.x; var dy = b.y - (b.height-a.position.y); var dist = Math.sqrt(dx*dx+dy*dy); if (dist <= a.width / 2 + b.width/2) { return true; } else { return false; }}
  7. Hi guys, I'm working in a project and emerged a matter about how to do hitTest?Who can help? thanks!
  8. I would like to ask a big favor, exist the possibility of make the dragonbonesJS work in panda? If possible, I stay greatly thankful. If you don't know, here is the link: http://dragonbones.github.io/ Thanks!
  9. leosantana

    p2.js physics

    I'll test. I'm programmer as3. I started with panda.js on last friday, and I'm already excited and fascinated with the engine, so thank you. Is you the creator?