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  1. With OpenFL, producing an html5 game is basically identical to producing a flash game in terms of workflow if you were doing it properly (bitmap spritesheets rather than vector movieclips, OOP in flashdevelop rather than timeline code etc.). Haxe is nearly identical in terms of syntax. The transition is pretty straightfoward for producing an exactly identical game in html5 as you're making the flash version. And from there, you can use that as a learning point to pick up html5 and do things like add in sponsor APIs, which isn't really all that far away from as3 or Haxe, either. And that's me speaking as someone who is more of an artist than a programmer. I have found that the html5 version of a game I've recently made performs much better than the flash version. Full-screen, smooth 60 FPS, it is pretty great. I still have to stick with 30 FPS for flash, and forget about fullscreen. The only concern I have is that the filesize restriction with html5 sponsors is much stricter than with flash, where 10 mb is a safe upper limit for a good quality game, html5 seems like it tops out at 5 mb currently.
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    Hello! I'm just getting started with Haxe and html5 export, having fun with it so far and hoping it'll make me more money than flash alone. Some of you may recognise me from the FGL forums.
  3. Hello everyone! Some of you may recognise me from the FGL forums.. I've decided to give html5 a whirl, getting stuck in in the easiest way possible for multi-platform development. So far, it's a bit of a nightmare, but I'm enjoying it. Amazingly most of the problems have not resulted from my own coding errors (makes a change), but rather from inconsistencies between target platforms. html5 has caused the bulk of the headaches. Anyway, with the last bug I encountered (font embedding), I decided to switch to the bleeding-edge pixi.js backend that has only been out for 9 days and has lots of stuff missing... but it also fixed the font embed problem I'd failed to figure out after 3 days, so that's a positive. I'm documenting my progress over on my blog,but I figured I'd also keep this forum updated as well and ask if anyone else is using it as standard for the ease of being able to export to any target you like. Once I'm done with my first game I'll be looking at monetizing and doing a little public review of FGL's offering for html5, to see if it is any good. The pixi.js backend is really rather nice. It auto-resizes smoothly, performance seems to be good. However, it also currently has a lot of stuff not working, like audio or text rendering or positioning and probably a lot of other stuff too. Definitely a beta, but they've made it the default backend already! Hopefully all of that stuff will work by the time I complete my first game.