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  1. Hey Shawn, I'm very interested in your studio's sound as I'm currently working on an indie project with a small team of about half a dozen people and could use a great sound for our game.
  2. I've edited the post since a few positions have been taken but what position are you interested in? I've inboxed both with my skyped contact.
  3. Project name: Galaxies Unbound Genre: JRPG Platform: iOS, Android Project Information: Galaxies Unbound will be a 3D Japanese-style role playing game for iOS and Android and will make use of Unity Engine. It will be characterized by an engaging story set in a fictional scifi universe with elements of the cyberpunk genre but with the classic comedic relief of anime and manga. It will be released in five episodes, narrating the main characters travels through galaxies in search of an ancient artifact. Each episode will have a specific theme and will feature a befriending and "choose your own destiny" mechanic similar to the one in mass effect. Current team members: - D. Kariyawasam: Creator, 3D Assets Modeller, - K. Kariyawasam: Concept Artist - T. Dumontel: Game Mechanics - J. Guruge: Writer - M. Forget: Coder - I. Manthos: UI Assets Creator - F. Barros: Composer Who we're looking for: - Character/Level Asset Modeller: mid level experience with lowpoly, hand drawn textured assets modelling. How to contact us: If you're interested, feel free to PM me, write on here or send me an email at