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  1. I'd suggest changing the name from "footchinko" to something else, especially considering how the logo looks like right now. In Japanese, pachinko is considered one whole word. When you separate foot and chinko like that, chinko has its own meaning... which is "a penis" So, your game is named "foot penis" right now. Soccer Pachinko or Football Pachinko would be better, I think.
  2. Rich, will you add a donation button of some sort? I really like this place and if I can help support it in some ways, I'd love to. Edit: Oops, I should have read that somebody already mentioned a tip jar! I second that idea :-)
  3. It looks like Newgrounds now allows you to upload HTML5 games. They'll even ask you if the game is playable on mobile devices. This could be a sign for Newgrounds will be a potential sponsor in the future. Still, it's a portal with high traffic already so it might be good if you want to promote your game or earn ads revenue? (Many people might have known this already but I searched the forum and haven't found any post about this. Sorry if it's already been posted somewhere!)
  4. I was a part of beta as well but I've lost interest due to the same reason as True Valhalla. Also, I've found that by representing Mobile HTML5 games as app, players expectation become that of a native app instead of a mobile browser game. Still, Amazon In-App payment JS API sounds interesting. I might take a look at it again, using Leadbolt ads this time since they didn't allow google ads.
  5. My main concern is more about unloading than preloading, but those resource manager libraries look nice, so thank you! :-) I've been googling and looking through websites and it seems like there is no other way but to set it to null and wait :-/ Makes me wonder if it's possible right now to make a middle - large HTML5 game. Like, the same length as Big Fish hidden object games.
  6. This has been bugging me for a long time. How do you deal with resource management in HTML5? I come from a desktop game background so I know that in a middle - large size game with many resources, there will be a lot of loading and unloading resources involved. But what about HTML5 game? How do we unload the already loaded imags/sounds? Or do we just set the reference to null and hope that the garbage collector will deal with it in the future?
  7. Pixi.js is just getting more and more awesome everyday! Thank you for your work <3
  8. Is Stage an exception? I've tried changing the stage's scale and position, but nothing changed.
  9. Great work combining a great framework and renderer together. Also, thank you very much for the Spine support <3
  10. Awesome! I was talking to the team's animator the other day and was deciding between Spriter and Spine. Now that I see this, Spine it is then!
  11. Ezelia, thank you so much for writing this tutorial. Scene handling is always the first thing I want to know when dealing with a new framework/library. Even though it is written in Typescript, I have followed the tutorial using Javascript and I could get it to work without any problem I will write a blog about Javascript version of this tutorial to, hoping that it will help out people who are not used to TypeScript yet. Looking at how you handle the scene, I have some questions and found some problems as follow: 1.) You use multiple Stage instances. In your tutorial, you said that the buttons in the other scenes still accept touch event. Maybe using multiple Stage instances is the source of the problem? While I'm not sure how Pixi work internally, I guess that since Stage is supposed to be the root object, it will always receive events and pass them through all of its children. I'll try another approach with 1 Stage instance, but the scene will be just a subclass of DisplayObjectContainer instead. Changing scene will done through adding and removing these container objects. I'll let you know how it goes and if it still has the same problem or not. 2.) While playing with DisplayObjectContainer, it turns out that your scaling method scale the object twice. If you have an object without children, then that is fine. But once you have a DisplayContainerObject that has many children, the children will be scaled twice. This is because scaling the parent object also affect the children. Maybe Stage class is an exception. Scaling it doesn't seem to affect its children at all. Again, thank you for writing this tutorial. Now I can get start with Pixi.js!
  12. I'm planning to learn Pixi.js as well so I'll write something once I get a hang of it
  13. hima


    I think it's really neat! Thank you for putting my games on there Curious, what do you use to make this? JQuery Mobile?
  14. Just tried Node-Webkit and it's incredibly easy to use. The performance is also great. The downside is that if you want to package the player binary along with the game, the size will be at least 60 MB or so. (Not a big cons, I suppose) I tried TideSDK, but the performance was so poor. The team told me that they already improved this in the beta but I haven't gotten my hand on the beta yet.
  15. Thanks for sharing! Was looking for something to help build a native desktop app for my visual novel game. Will try this one I have time