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  1. Say I start a tween with game.add.tween(mySprite), but then halfway into the tween I change my mind and want to stop & remove all tweens involving the sprite. I'm hoping to find something along the lines of game.removeAllTweensFrom(mySprite). Is there something like that?
  2. wolf

    Get sprite frame count

    Oops, can't believe I missed that. Thanks!!
  3. I loaded a spritesheet into a sprite. Now I want to retrieve the number of frames it has. I noticed there is mySprite.animations._frameData._frames.lengthIs that the recommended way of doing it? Surprised there isn't a property along the lines of mySprite.frameCount or something similar.
  4. Play as a space station orbiting the earth and dodge deadly space junk. Use up & down arrows to move. I made this in 48 hours for a game jam hosted by FGL. It's my first Phaser game, but won't be the last! If you want to know a little more about how I made it, I wrote about it here: http://www.allworkallplay.org/blog/orbital-debris-making-an-html5-game-with-phaser/
  5. I wrote up a little tutorial on how I made my first Phaser game, orbital debris. http://www.allworkallplay.org/blog/orbital-debris-making-an-html5-game-with-phaser/ Hopefully it helps someone
  6. I tried out Phaser for a game jam hosted by FGL and made this.