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  1. So, I actually considered handling jumping as you suggested. However, to make the "friends" more difficult the player's jump isn't actually strong enough to clear one of them without having the high ground already. So the player needs to be able to fully control their jump, mostly for purpose of avoiding the enemies.
  2. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.
  3. My first HTML5 game, made in Phaser, has been entered in the clay.io "Got Game?" contest for student game developers. If you play it and take the time to leave a rating or review, you directly help my chances of winning, so please play it and rate if you enjoy. Brickety Split The game is about building the tallest wall you can by avoiding bricks that fall from the sky as enemies attempt to trap you. I wrote a detailed post-mortem of my development process. You can read it on my website: http://nathanielnelson.com/brickety-split-release-post-mortem/ And if you have any feedback, pl
  4. Alright, I opened an issue on the repo and Rich helped me find the problem by proving it was on my end. Here is the solution I found: "My version must have been outdated as I opened phaser.js and found deltaCap was not being applied to physicsElapsed. I updated the code to match the current source and the problem was solved." Thank you for your help! I was able to get the fix done in time for the contest and will be putting up a game spotlight shortly.
  5. Target platforms are iOS, Android, PC and Mac. (The contest doesn't specify, they just ask that the games work on mobile, and are testing on those platforms)
  6. Thanks for such a fast reply! I should have clarified that my game actually uses Arcade physics. It runs at 60 fps on my laptop in chrome, but on Safari on a Mac laptop I get worse performance and that's when the bug happens. I haven't noticed particularly bad performance on mobile chrome with my android. Right now I'm testing with internet explorer. Also, putting deltaCap to a test value of 0.001 proved that it has no effect on Arcade physics, as my problem still occurs
  7. So today may be my last chance to fix this, yes. Thanks for your help and concern! The problem is that what might otherwise be a playable amount of lag (for the patient) can make the player fall through the ground or whatever they're standing on, causing instant game over. This is totally cause for a rage quit. This is pretty much the only physics bug I couldn't fix, even with deltaCap. My game is using AUTO to pick webgl/canvas, so should I change that?
  8. The documentation says of deltaCap: "If you need to cap the delta timer, set the value here. For 60fps the delta should be 0.016, so try variances just above this." This seems misleading because 0.016 is in seconds and all other time measurements I've used were milliseconds. Which one is deltaCap? I gave it milliseconds so that could explain the problem. I'll run more tests
  9. That seems to be exactly what I was looking for, thanks! I haven't tested it extensively enough to be sure, but I haven't seen any more bugs yet. I'll post again if I do. Edit: nope, when the lag gets pretty severe I still have the same problems.
  10. So for a while I've been encountering random physics bugs in my game where spites clip through each other. These bugs are occasionally game breaking. I finally realized that it's happening because lag is causing long delta times, so the physics updates in large chunks but my update method isn't called fast enough to handle collision of all the bodies. Since lag in my game is a pretty large problem that needs to be solved in and of itself, for now I think I need some workaround to stop the physics from updating when the delta time is larger than a certain value, to allow me to release my game
  11. Natman

    Tweening text

    I found the source of the problem: I had written a function to create the Text objects for me, and the reference the function returned was not tweenable for whatever reason. I replaced all uses of my function with game.add.text() and it works fine. Thanks for the debugging suggestions, they put me on the right track!
  12. Natman

    Tweening text

    There are no console errors and a hard coded value doesn't fix it. I'll look at your example
  13. Natman

    Tweening text

    I'm trying to use tweens to transition a menu off of the screen. The menu contains a backdrop sprite and several Text objects. When it's closed, I create tweens to move all of these elements upward off the screen. For some reason, the backdrop tweens perfectly and the text doesn't move at all, even though the code is basically the same: //tween upwardsvar tween = game.add.tween(this.backdrop);tween.to({y: -this.backdrop.height}, 500, Phaser.Easing.Linear.None, true);tween.onComplete.add(this.destroy, this);game.add.tween(this.titleText1).to({y: this.titleText1.y - this.backdrop.height}, 500,
  14. OK, I found the problem. My Player object contained a Sprite as a field, but also had its own destroy() method. When the player died, I was only destroying the Sprite and not the Player, so the code to destroy the buttons was never used. My bad.
  15. I am using the buttons' onInputDown and onInputUp signals to start player movement when they are pressed and end it when they are released. The buttons are fields of my player, so I add the events like this: this.moveLeftButton.onInputDown.add(moveLeftCallback, this); this.moveLeftButton.onInputUp.add(stopLeftCallback, this); And since I'm adding events like this, I don't want to pass in an event on button creation so I construct like this: game.add.button(x, y, key, null, null, 0, 0, 1); These are the only differences I can think of. Manifest is correct about the error triggering when
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