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  1. There is a way and it's called ray tracing for collision. You simply take the projection calculate how much time it needs to hit something than check if that much time has passed then if it has..assume it has hit the target. However this is only done for very fast things. Because slower things may change direction as user interact with them (they are dynamic)....but if you were to check then the most common way to solve this is to check for negative position compared to all places...cpu expensive but the only way so far, at least to me. If let say ground is at 0 and your ball objects checks its position to be -2 then make it 0 and then tell rest of the program to continue as it would normally.
  2. I simply want to know which one is faster and how and for what.. i suppose cocoonjs is way better for gaming than appgyver and appgyver is good for native ui and where they may be needed like in most normal apps.
  3. First of all what i am trying to do: Imagine a fiery ball that goes near thing that make them appear lighter... i am trying to make a glowing ball that blends with certain objects. So imagine a scene in which there is a background, some other stuff, and rocks. A glowing ball follows mouse with opacity halfed. now this ball of light needs to blend in addition to being opaque with rocks and not with background and other stuff. My approach: not saying it's the best but i intended to make two glow balls one that was opaque and one that would blend with objects and would remain masked out other wise. It's mask would be all object that it need to appear on. But there is not a way i can find to do it. I would like to have a group of sprites to which i can masks this so this firy ball only appears when it's over them. doing this gives error fireball.mask=sprite_object.