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  1. Hey there, I made this little game called Life in the Static, the basic gist of this game is that you have an ability to stop time. LINK TO PLAY THE GAME: Tasty Link
  2. Nice touch to the classic puzzle game, I never thought the Alien could look cute. However i found one bug. If you open settings box on a egg hatch part of the level and then close it the eggs become "unhatchable". On Mozilla the game becomes unplayable and even after the refresh all the levels become locked, yet the challenges are free to play.
  3. Fun and addictive little game, i love basketball. However the ball sometimes appears too low and there is now way to score.
  4. It's super difficult, but addictive, i was only able to pass through five columns.
  5. Yup, same problem here, it simply freezes during loading screen.
  6. Pretty well made for a first game, i like it.
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