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  1. hi guys, I want to start a new German youtube channel and present there indie games ("lets play"-videos) ... primarily it is for iphone games, but even browser games or games android are welcome. Who had a game I can show, are welcome to comment here or send me a pm. It dont need to be a German game! I cant promise success, because its will be a new channel, and it is a try. I look forward to your games! See you
  2. Hi i dont Test it for now, but very interesting video and features. https://blisk.io Wanted to share. Maybe it helps anybody Cheers Oleg
  3. var sprite = game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'sprite'); sprite.anchor.set(0.5); sprite.x = game.world.width * 0.5; sprite.y = game.world.height * 0.5; var text = game.make.text(0, 0, "Yo", { font: "$10px Arial", fill: "#ffffff", align: "center" }); text.position.x -= text.width * 0.5; text.position.y -= text.height * 0.5; sprite.addChild(text); You need to set the text position to 0, 0 after text is created i add: text.position.x -= text.width * 0.5; text.position.y -= text.height * 0.5; for the position based on the size of the t
  4. Hi guys, I upload an update for Android... This is new: Highscores - The function (the square on the home screen) has been completely revised. -- There is no need to link the Google account -- Customized design In addition, the scroll has been improved for awards, statistics and highscore list I would be very happy about feedback:) cheers, Oleg
  5. Hi all, here my game in pure js/phaser with P2 physics
  6. Hi Umz, thank you for the test and your feedback! You're right, the white color from the jump effect of the panda is hard to see (which I will change). Basically the color of the animation are chaning with the character. for example as spiderman, it is red. Currently the leaderboard works with google play services, this is the next point on my todo list. After that the power ups - that's all already planned and in development. cheers, Oleg
  7. Hello everyone! For the past several weeks I have been working on a new Android / HTML5 web game. It is called GeoJump and can be found here: Geti it on Google Play Store A webversion can be found here: www.webplusapp.net/geojump (with limitations) Description: Go your way to the top - you can jump with funny characters and beat the different obstacles. Which character you get the highest? Choose from 20 comical characters, collect diamonds and let the score of your friends just behind you. GeoJump is characterized by: ★ Endless, challenging gameplay ★ 20 coo
  8. Hi all, im currently develop a multiplayer too... i use peerjs (http://peerjs.com/) for the player connection. The (cloud-)server handles all things for you and its really easy to use. BUT... im a little bit angry now - I develop my game for android and ios with cocoonjs from ludei... all things works for me... then i read on the cocoon docs that WebRTC (which peerjs use as networklayer) is not supported.. yey I dont know how can i handle this - but not your problem If you develop for (mobile-) browsers i recommend peerjs and other good stuff like: eureca.io from a forum-member here.
  9. Hi Ezelia, nice job! I use your library for my current project and it works great and easy. thumbs up! One question: how can i get the /eureca.js for the client-side? It seems do generate dynamiclly but in need the "real" file for the cocoonjs compatibility. Thank you. Regards, Oleg
  10. I vote for: 1. Phaser Internals (game loop, sub-systems, extending the core) 2. A Guide to Phaser Game Objects (3. Tilemaps? )
  11. Plugin or in the Core: Support gameservices like leaderboards from Google, Apple etc and 1+ for social integration
  12. Thank you lewster32, in my case is game.tweens.pauseAll() ok, because on the state that I use for there is only the one tween. I tested this now and it works for the second tween (paused), but when I resumeAll() there are a new issue. When I paused it in the time for the first tween .to( {x: x_j, y: y_j}, 400) it works great, but when I paused in the time goes the second tween .to( {x: p.x, y: p.y}, 600) its stoped but by resumeAll the tween not going from the place it paused but direct to the finish of the tween. I hope this is understandable. Thanks
  13. Hey all, I have this tween for my jump-logic: jump_tween = game.add.tween(pigs.getAt(jumped)).to( {x: x_j, y: y_j}, 400).to( {x: p.x, y: p.y}, 600);jump_tween.start();When the player click on the "pause-button" I call: jump_tween.pause(); --> and than on play jump_tween.resume(); My problem is, that the tween only stops for the first "to" (to( {x: x_j, y: y_j}, 400)) If the tween goes here: .to( {x: p.x, y: p.y}, 600) it don't stops anymore. Is this my "bug"? Thank you in advance!
  14. Hey all, Thanks for all the feedback! I uploaded a big update for our game. New functions: - High Score Leaderboard - Rating button - How to Play (Instructions) - litte bit new design - Performanceboost (more with Phaser 2.1 - parallel Asstes loading -> Rich ) Planed Features: - Items (Scoremultiplikator, Save all Pigs, etc) - "Other" piggies (More touches needet to jump....) Thank you for Playing PiggySave! Sorry plicatibu, there I have to wait for Ludei
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