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  1. ok i understand but there are some reference values to pursuit?
  2. hi there, got two questions about phaser 1. is there any tool to test a game performance? 2. how can i use two different properties in a sigle tween? thanks in advance!
  3. hi everyone, im an indie artist lookiing for projects to work in.(only 2D) take a look to my work at: felipemolano.crevado.com if want to use my talent or services kindly let me know. thanks for stopping by
  4. what i need to upload to the fontsquirrel generator? a font downloaded from another site? which format?
  5. hi everyone, do you know a way to create or add cool fonts to my games? for free i mean. i want them to work on every browser and as a native app to android. i hear about squirrelfont.com but dont know how to use it. any help will be appreciated
  6. hi im interested. felipemolano.crevado.com just take a look.
  7. Very curious cause i also used linear. So did u tested yours and it reaches the final value? Did u used a function outside update function to start the tween right?
  8. i tried it but looks like when i start from 0 to for example 10, the text goes something like: 1,2,3,4.....9.98888,9.998888....and so on why it never ends?
  9. was exactly what i was looking for, thanks!
  10. hi all, im wondering how can i tween a numeric value lets say. var number1; /// in create function number1 = 100; ///tween from 100 to 10 and show it by a text text1.setText( " from 100 to 10: " + number1+ " "); its possible? im chasing a way to show player his score after complete world. but i wanna show him the time bonus and move the time left to zero on screen. any suggestion?
  11. hi everyone, im wondering if when i end a level i should call a method to destroy and collect garbage variables to free memory and resources in a game. do you often do that? and how do you do it? thanks
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