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  1. Aurora rush is a quick play game that only requires one button to play. You basically have to control this star through a maze in space and try to obtain the best score! http://aurora.clay.io/ Unfortunately, this game is currently prone to glitches on mobile devices . But please remember to rate the game 5 stars (just cuz you guys are nice) after you tried out the game.
  2. For my current project, my fps is 50 just because 20ms intervals look cleaner than say 16. Besides, it's not that easy to tell the difference between 60 and 50 fps.
  3. Pretty fun game after you get the hang of it. To be honest, I thought the game was impossible at first due to the slow lane transitions. I love how the art style is very consistent. FPS: couldn't ask for better Difficulty: Loved it. Tutorial: gets the point across but could be simplified to one or two images. Device: iPad 1 (don't judge me ok.. XD)
  4. Changed countdown to load bar- Check Better level selector- Check Darn.. Really need better sounds and music... XD
  5. Nah.. If someone is struggling a lot they'd probably end up on the game over/menu screen quite frequently where the demo button is. My previous comment was kinda misleading. What I was meant to say was that adding power ups may perhaps increase the replayability and will keep the players more excited. Suggestions might be expanding the hitbox of the bot or allow the bot to hold more than one star at a time. Etc. but it's ultimately up to you.
  6. Yes please . Played it some time today and found that the load speed was significantly faster but should still be worked on. I reckon you should add in powerups that can make the game easier to play and yet more intense.
  7. Thanks for the feedback . I always wondered if the countdown felt too much like an advert.. I'm sure to change that soon. And yeah. Haven't really focused on the sound much. Yet again, thanks for the feedback
  8. ya... but wasn't moving at all for the most part...
  9. I also use google fonts for my game. And no, I don't wait for the fonts to load. I'm pretty sure it's not the fonts that are at fault. Fonts load instantly on chrome for me and with a slight delay on IE.
  10. I seem to be having a problem loading the game . Both the dropbox and the site took ages to load. Unfortunately, the version on dropbox seem to have become unresponsive after it finished loading (I tapped space, did nothing). Meanwhile the game on the site took far too long to load (over 3 min I'd say) . I'm using Chrome on Windows 8.1. (Speedtest.net download speed at around 5mb/s). On the bright side however, it did end up loading . The tutorial was easy to read and was very user friendly. At first, I thought you could grab the stars from the top row . So make sure it's more obvious tha
  11. I agree what @dreamofsleeping said. It lacks a sense of urgency. Perhaps you should try make it as if some acid is overtaking the pond and you need to run before it reaches you . I've also had some hit detection problems where I seem to just fall through a lilypad . On the flip side, I reckon your game's aesthetics is really good. It definitely has some serious potential .
  12. New Game Edits! Tutorial now auto plays on the first level!Back Button now closes the entire menu.The Continue button that is seen upon accessing the menu from a level has been replaced with a level selector.And therefore, a level selector."Like this game" popup has been moved to menu instead of passing a level.Short-term goals Removing the rough edges from the clouds (Having some trouble)Organizing the menu so there's less optionsReordering some levelsLong-term goals A separate worldMore decorations to improve asthetics
  13. Thank-you for the complements and the constructive criticisms! You have really been a big help! I'll be applying many of your suggestions very soon.
  14. I ended up doing some minor adjustments in the projectile code . Now it disappears based on distance traveled instead of time. This means that the projectile will certainly exit it's detection range before it "Resets" instead of "Resetting" after 4 seconds. Thnx.. again
  15. Thnx for the feedback . I'm actually planning to remove level 19 since it tends to be really laggy and as a result, make everything really slow. Thanks for the valuable feedback .
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