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  1. @ATCS_DIY kok fitur live streaming di website ga bisa dipakai ?

  2. Hey, at first thank you for trying my game Nice idea about the sound effect/music, I will think about that. Hey thank you for trying my game Yeah, I still have a problem about the collision detection. I'm just use 1 pixel as a color detection to know which the frog on leaf or not. Hey, I love the acid idea Yeah, I think I will add a timer, or an acid like @Penguinee idea
  3. Updated from HTML5GameDev

  4. Hey thanks for trying . . How about refresh the browser again ? What browser do you use ? Recommended browser : Chrome and Firefox
  5. Hello everyone, I'm newbie about gaming development especially on HTML5. But this is my first game, KodokMlumpat. KodokMlumpat is a jumping frog in Javanesse (not japanesse) This game is simple, just jump your frog from one leaf into other leaf, but don't get into the water. You can connect to your facebook account to compare your score to other player. JUMP YOUR FROG AND GET THE HIGHEST SCORE Feel free to try it