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  1. Yeah thanks for replying! After I posted I thought of doing something like that. Only thing is I'm not quite sure how I would go about including the entity in a new state. I suppose I would make a var in the state equaling to the player object. I suppose the thing I'm looking for would be doing something along the lines of creating a new instance of a Player class. Just not sure how to achieve this right now xD
  2. So I have a little game concept I've been making in phaser and I have the parts of it split into states such as main menu and levels, but what I have been doing is creating the Player objects and enemy objects and the such in each individual states as well as making animations for them. This is very obviously inefficient I want to know how would I go about making an object for these entities to use it cross states
  3. Same issue, any ideas on why or how to fix this?
  4. Edit: Sorry apparently this was fixed in Phaser 2.0.1 My new problem is that any tileSprite I make ends up being sent to the top of the screen and I can't set it's x and y value o.o Hi I try this and it does the job quite well, however I have no idea how to change the collision area of the sprite after setting anchor. Because if it is halved like that then the right side collision is way too long distance and the left side let's the collide come way too close (like half way into to the sprite). Probably very obvious but I'm new to Phaser and game development in general o.o