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  1. I think game.Circle class has a default of 50 as its radius. Even if I change it. It falls endlessly.
  2. Hi, Have you tried this? http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/5033-fixed-game-canvas-widthheight/
  3. Hi Pandajs experts! I have this 2 bodies in a world. body1 is a rectangle.body2 is a circle. I also have a ground. I want to make these 2 bodies fall in the ground. Rectangle falls and hit the ground. But the circle continues to fall. this.world = new game.World(0, this.gravity);var groundBody = new game.Body({position: {x: game.system.width / 2, y: 750},collisionGroup: 0});var groundShape = new game.Rectangle(game.system.width, 100);groundBody.addShape(groundShape);this.world.addBody(groundBody);var x = game.system.width / 2;var y = 600;body = new game.Body({position: {x: x, y: y},velo
  4. Hi pandajs experts, How will I add text boxes and other input elements to pandajs? I've read that we can create elements outside canvas. (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4797748/can-i-put-a-html-button-inside-the-canvas) What is your thought about this? Thanks,
  5. How do pandajs experts will code this? I wanted to clear the contents of the container for a new sets of images.
  6. Thanks for the update.
  7. I see.. Right now I'm looking at websocket. I found that panda.js has a plugin for websocket. I wanted to try to create a game that can interact with other players. Is there a sample code on how websocket and panda.js works? Thanks,
  8. The idea is like combining mongodb, nodejs, expressjs, angularjs and pandajs in a single game. Is that possible?
  9. From a database like mongodb
  10. Hi Pandajs experts! How can I make pandajs and angularjs work together? I would like to experiment on getting a resource object and use it in a game. Is that possible? Or is there any other js framework that can do the job? Thanks!
  11. I saw the problem. It's on addParallax method (Flying Dog app). I think It's because of the game.TilingSprite update. Where in it needs to set the texture as the first parameter. Pandajs is really awesome.
  12. Hi, After updating to the latest version 1.2.0. I get this error on loading. The frameId "0" does not exist in the texture cache Thanks,
  13. Hi enpu! I add the following lines on your sprite.js (Container class). I dont know if contains method exist in other class. /** * Check if children exist */ contains: function(obj){ return (this.children.indexOf( obj ) !== -1); }But its not 100% working sometimes I'm receiving an error. I think it occurs when calling the removeChild() method twice. Uncaught Error: [object Object] The supplied DisplayObject must be a child of the caller [object Object]
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