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  1. Thanks @samme, works great. I updated to 2.8.4 and it solved the issue.
  2. I am having same issue with iPad. No sound
  3. Perfect - that solved it - thank you very much! Should have thought of that. Thanks again
  4. Hi, I need help to get Phaser to run on IE9 windows 7. I am using the Hello Phaser example to test. Compatability view is not active. I am using phaser-arcade-physics.min.js (Phaser v2.0.3 ) It works when testing IE9 in development tools in IE12. It does NOT work with IE9 on windows 7 However, It works when testing IE9 on windows 7 with development tools open. It works when testing IE9 on windows 7 with Phaser v1.1.3 Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Sorry - duplicate question. Please see for answer
  6. I cannot seem to get Phaser to work with IE9 running on Windows 7. It works fine with Phaser 1.1.6. Is this a bug or doesn't 2.0.0 work with IE9?