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  1. It should work now. There was a conflict with the Kongregate shell or something. Reloading the page would make it work on the old version, but it should be OK now anyway. Yeah, Kongregate doesn't let you play HTML5 games if you don't have Flash. I got the new version on Free Indie Games, by the way.
  2. I made a little HTML5 game. It's a randomly generated turn-based puzzle game about surviving the attack of killer robots. There's a randomly gneerated board where you'll see a man and some robots. You can move the man to any of the squares near him. Clicking on the man will dangerously teleport him to a random location. Teleporting may cause instant dead, so be careful with that. You can't attack the robots directly, but you can make the robots crash into each other. You win by making all the robots die. You lose if a robot gets to the square the man is in. Once you clean a level you move to
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