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  1. Yes this fixed it!
  2. There is still smth. I only saw it now! Though it is fixed when pressing a key, the window doesn't scroll, it is not the same when you keep the button up or down pressed for some time, which makes the window scroll again.
  3. Thanks. Yeah returning true solved it! Thanks for the help both of you!
  4. I uploaded the game on fgl. The game gets put in a iframe. While in firefox it works fine, in Chrome it seems to have a problem. When the keys on keyboard get pressed, nothing happens in the game, instead it is the window that moves when pressing the up and down keys. I entered the following code game.system.canvas.focus(); and game.system.canvas.setAttribute('tabindex','0'); and somehow the keys now work for the game. But the keys still move the window as a whole. Is there a way to focus only the canvas?
  5. Seems it was a problem of audio files. I found another person here with this problem who had solved using this online converter for the m4a files and it worked for me too. http://online-audio-converter.com/
  6. I get this strange error only when running on Chrome Uncaught Error loading: media/sounds/starst.m4a audio.js:165 game.Audio.game.Class.extend.loadError core.js:527 (anonymous function) What is more strange is that it works when i use audio from the examples like flying dog, but not with my sounds. And it only happen on Chrome, perfectly works on other browsers and on mobile with cocoonjs. Does it have to do with the file format for chrome being a different one?!
  7. Wanted to know if you can show the loading bar progress just like at the beginning with the dynamic loader?
  8. I also have such a problem. It seems that even in dynamic mode the assets are kept in the memory even after the scene changes so you get that error when reloading them.
  9. I didn't have the new version. Now its ok tnx.
  10. Tnx for fast reply like always. I added it but it throws a error. Uncaught exception Duplicate audio source <name of audio> This error lists all the audio assets which i have added at the beginning, not in the new loader.
  11. I wanted to know if it is possible to load assets after the begining. For example before a level load a image only used in this level. And how to unload it after the level ends.
  12. Tnx a lot!
  13. I would like to know how to exactly use the accelerometer feature. I want to implement it on my game. Great work on this engine. I love it.
  14. Your new game.Circle() has no radius value. use new game.Circle(radius)
  15. Thanks a lot! This solved it!