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  1. I don't think you can call it luck. As with any other markets which becomes crowded, high quality alone is not sufficient. You need some skill at sales, and good contacts and relationships with the publishers help a lot too.
  2. Hi Boomer1204, hi Goldenratio, thanks for your replies. Casual HTML5 games are great for mobile browser, we are currently making such games ourselves for clients. You can check some of those games on our website: (still a work in progress :-)). My question actually concerns Free-to-play games as in games with micro-transactions. I only know of casual games monetised by advertisement, and we are evaluating if it makes sense to develop a game wich player will pay for, specifically targeted at mobile browsers. So I am wondering why nobody else developed more complex games including micro-transactions. Cheers, Thomas
  3. Hi there, my advice would be to define a precise game design document. Then it should be possible to make the graphics and the develop the game simultaneously. Furthermore you need a task managament tool, where you define all the task, who should do them, and the progress. is one such tool, and its for free. I also advise you to have all the communication centralised, so either in the task management tool, or in something like a forum. If the communication is spread over several e-mails it will be difficult to keep track of all that was said. Finally its important to define deadlines for each task, or the project will enver effectively go forward. Hope that is helpful, have fun making games! Thomas
  4. Hi there! we are playing with the idea to develop a browser based free-to-play game. Do you know of any such games which are optimised for mobile browser? If not, are there any reasons that there is no Free-to-play games market on mobile browsers? Thank you for your input! Thomas