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  1. Excellent feedback! I also noted the use of sprite.input.disable/enable in another thread, which might make my genetic boolean redundant. As a related followup, how about just waiting for tweens/animation generically? E.g. I have a dozen NPCs to take their returns before I allow player input again. I process the logic for NPC 6, it has to make a series of moves (chaining tweens), then attack (animation), do I set timers or just use appropriate callback functions for each discrete unit of work my objects are doing?
  2. Long story short: new to Phaser, making a roguelike. Turn-based movement on a tilemap grid, etc. Obviously this ground has been covered before, but it seems that every example of a roguelike or RPG that I've found has basically just set the x/y of the sprite every time a movement occurs, and I'd like to be animating it. I want to wait for user input, then shut off listening for input, and wait for the chosen action/move (if valid) to finish before the game continues processing the turn. I've got it tweening well, but I'm not sure, conceptually, what the best practice is for "waiting." A
  3. Alternatively, if you've got access to your IIS, you can add JSON to the list of MIME types. "*.json" and "application/json" respectively. I had this exact same issue until I did that.
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