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  1. Looks like it may be the firewall here. Here's the detail from Chrome's console, but it is likely irrelevant: XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://api.clay.io/socket.io/1/?t=XXXXXXXXXXXX. No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://inkfood.com' is therefore not allowed access. (index):1 I apologize for not looking at that before I mentioned it. Oh well.
  2. This is great! Played through, but I don't appear to be able to play the Arcade mode using Chrome.
  3. Time to upgrade the version of Phaser I've been using. Thanks for the continued development!
  4. I had some issues with collide when using draggable sprites in my Water Game and switched to the overlap function instead: http://docs.phaser.io/Phaser.Physics.Arcade.html#overlap
  5. Sorry, I don't have an answer for you, but I am curious about this as well and would like to know the answer.
  6. I moved the flame lower, thanks for your suggestion! Also, the drops are a little bigger (vertically, but the pixels are transparent so you cannot see it) to help with grabbing them, but it is still very difficult. I haven't completely take over the input because I didn't have the time to spend on it yet.
  7. Yeah, I am not sure what is going on with touch input. I used the built in draggable property and input events and it seems like the touch controls just don't work well. According to someone I know personally that played it on a touch screen the bottom of the circle for the rain drops is the only place that would work with any consistency (and still much more difficult and inconsistent than a mouse pointer). I would probably need to take over the logic and handle it myself to get it working smoother. Is there anyone out there with more experience using the draggable property and input events
  8. I used phaser 2.0.3 to make this game for April's theme for onegameamonth.com (#1gam). Extremely simple and sort of clunky, but "finished". Just drag the rain droplets around. You can protect the flame or extinguish it and there is a button below the game to relight the flame. The game can be found HERE With a post about it at: http://www.makingvsplaying.com/second-1gam/
  9. I tried it out of curiosity. I was hoping for an interesting background change when I landed on the rainbow box after the red box.
  10. I am using Warp for my Phaser development. Thanks for creating it! I agree with previous sentiments in that "it just works".
  11. Good job Luis, glad you are enjoying it!
  12. So noted. It could also use sound of some sort and better visual indication of the enhanced gravity effect as well. I also had someone suggest alternate themes or skins so she could be a unicorn...
  13. I saw orange snow flakes move from below a closely following blue snowflake to above the blue snowflake on three occasions.
  14. You may have it. My high score is currently 19 and I really wanted to break 20 that time but it didn't happen. I know of another person who also has reached 19 but he had the benefit of playing it a number of times while I was developing it. Thanks!
  15. This is a gravity mechanic take on flappy bird using the tutorials from LessMilk. I don't have a blog post up about it yet, but it'll happen. This is in Phaser 1.6 with images created by myself in GIMP. It isn't anything fancy, I just wanted to see what a gravity mechanic would be like in that sort of game. The game can be found at: http://www.makingvsplaying.com/projects-page/emosine/ Protips: You can actually circumvent a column by going above or below the whole thing. While you hold the space bar the gravity affect is doubled. Good luck if you play it!
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