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  1. Thank you for your help. My real question is not how to put the bullet, i put them with append jquery, but the position left and top are wrong. so, if i use a div for bullets what will be the good positions left and top as you can see in my example, when you click on the face, it works perfectly, but when you click on the right arm, it make the bullet in wrong position. because i put the bullet in a rotating Div. this is my screenshot is there something that i have to calculate, for getting the good positions, like sinus or cosinus things ? Thank you
  2. I want to make a game, when you click on target, the DIV append an image in it, When i click on the face, you can see that the DIV append a bullet image, which is good. but when you click on the right arm, the position of the bullet is wrong. it's because the arm is transform: rotate(25deg); with CSS3. this is my screenshot How can i determine the right position of the bullets when i click on the arm ? thank you
  3. Hello, I want to make a game like smash dude with html5, what framework will you recommand me for that ? are there any open source game like that, that i can download it ? can you give me some advices there are some photos for who do not know it Thank you