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  1. user123

    Tutorial problem

    oh btw, THe official website, When you click download, thats the wrong link Can you replace it with the correct one , that would be great
  2. user123

    Tutorial problem

    Just tested it. Thanks man! It worked! I didn't know pixi only used 1 actual file, thats cool. I feel so dumb having copied so many useless files xD
  3. user123

    Tutorial problem

    Dammit im stupid... imma try that and see if it works, ill reply after it
  4. user123

    Tutorial problem

    Hey, It has been a while ago since I used pixi last time, so please help me. For simplicity, I tried to get the tutorial code to work: I copy-pasted the code correctly, and adjusted the pixi.js path. However, the entire screen goes black, and I get in FireFox Web Console the error: "TypeError: PIXI.Stage is not a constructor". I host it here, some shady free webhost, I don't blame you if you refuse to see it haha: Any idea what I couldve done wrong? I use the latest version, I downloaded it today off github. The only thing I can think of is a problem with the <script> tag part, but I checked multiple times and the link is correct. Help please?
  5. I solved it by applying the twist filter to each individual sprite. In my case, explosions, so they move a bit like waves
  6. Nevermind, I got it working, how do I close this thread?
  7. user123


    I played it and I think its cool. Only improvement: game forumla is a bit too simple(not offending!), it will put off alot of potential players. Make it a bit like GTA2, so you can actually turn left/right, so you are driving in a 2D map instead of only going up/Y-axis. Other than that, I think the game is awesome.
  8. A shame I couldn't play it, I severly dislike Facebook and anything related to it. In my opinion you should add an option to create a special account just for your site, that makes it more newcomer-friendly.
  9. Awesome and cute! Especially that theme song, it makes you happy XD
  10. Lol wtf Xd Really funny and random. Only one tip for improvement: Security is nonexistant, I could easily right-click view source and grab the whole source & steal your game. Next time do something to prevent people stealing your game!
  11. I actually played it, its really nice. its amazingly polished, it has got sounds and all, and great transitions between menu and the game. I wish you good luck, I hope you make more games like these!
  12. All cool and stuff, but please insert link so we can play A beta/alpha or so would be nice
  13. I've searched it up, there are alot of so called solutions, but they are all easy to bypass. For example, you can disabled click, so you can't right-click view-source. But the workaround is simple: just go to your browsers' web console, for example in Firefox you can easily see the URL of the script. What are your experiences/tips/methods? Let's make a list: - code obfuscation (i.e. )
  14. I have positive experiences with Pixi.js, for me its really smooth/high framerate and there are many built-in effects and options. Also each object you create has a predefined x and y position, so moving images is really easy. As far as collision detection/math algorithms, thats stuff yuo have to solve on your own. Afaik, there is no JS engine specifically designed for such things, and if there is, it is always better to do it yourself to improve your programming skills/mathematics.