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  1. I love to hate this song. Thanks @GooglePlayMusic 's Code Your Face Off station. https://t.co/ZsPiUD8F2V

  2. For my $.02, Phaser, gives you so much control and freedom. If you are new to coding or looking to quickly prototype an idea C2 should work fine. But think of it more like a set of prefabricated blocks you assemble to make things happen. This isn't bad, it just requires you to surrender some control and $$$ to flatten out the learning curve. Phaser also integrates with the free Intel XDK to help you with mobile test and deployment. https://software.intel.com/en-us/intel-xdk. C2 has built-in output tools, but still requires 3rd party tools to push your apps to Google Play, App Store, etc. If you are willing to put the time in I think Phaser will be more satisfying.
  3. Even if they turn it off, gamers expect audio. It's a key component to immersion. So it should be equally as important as graphics and game play. It should left out unless it is an intentional part of the experience. I think good comparison case would be the Free Fall games by Disney, Frozen and Maleficent. The are essentially the same game. But they offer a different visual and aural experience. For me the theme and sounds from Frozen are easy to recall and thinking about it now makes me want to play. Maleficent on the other hand is fun but essentially forgettable. Maleficent is what I play while waiting for my turns in Frozen to reset. Yet, the only differences I can discern are subtle gameplay changes and I don't care for the audio or graphics. Hopefully, my comments are helpful.
  4. I think unfinished works are a byproduct of creativity. Artists, authors, musicians and other creative people have the same struggle too.
  5. Glad to be helpful. I am still hashing out ideas and trying to learn the nuts and bolts of Phaser. I should kick off the training wheels and make something sometime soon though.
  6. It's fun and can only get better with more refinement. Great job for game one's core. I ran into the same issue with creatures being invulnerable. Though it seemed like enemies ignored collisions with bullets that were already on screen when the enemy appeared. This was really noticeable once I had the 5-wide projectiles. I think you could implement the high score board using local storage -- http://www.w3schools.com/HTML/html5_webstorage.asp. If local storage wasn't' supported you could used a cookie as a fallback. Though that would be more easily wiped.
  7. I only looked at ProTacker, but the plug-ins folder doesn't exist in the folder structure on the website. I would like to add that protracker is not working in the copy you download from github either. https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser-examples Using a local copy of the examples, I forced the URL of phaser from rawgit to cdnjs to see what happened and it still didn't work. I wasn't surprised, BUT there was one less error It also might be nice to make him a list of all the broken ones so they can be addressed in one shot. Most of the one's I have used this week do work though.
  8. I am finally circling back around to learning Phaser and working my way through the Phaser examples one by one. I have to say a big thanks to Rich and anyone else who has been working on updating and creating new examples. I know how much effort documentation takes from a former life in software support for a large broadcast automation software suite. Thank you! I am learning so much, and I am just getting started. It's very motivating.
  9. Thank you for the cheat sheet. Very handy as a reference. I learned a few things too.