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  1. https://t.co/ZBLMjhtsHm #hyperspektiv #glitch #glitchart #art #instagood #instacool #digitalart… https://t.co/DnH963e17v

  2. Can pixi read .mov or .m4v files? The VideoBaseTexture docs only show .webm and .mp4 files being loaded, and my simple tests have not worked.
  3. NEON iOS App Store Android Play Store Greetings Friends! I am happy to announce the release of Neon for iOS and Android. It is a drop puzzle like tetris, but with a mechanic similar to the classic Kirby's Avalanche, or Puyo Puyo. The goal is to get as many points as possible by matching colours. Groups of four adjacent matching colours will eliminate and any pieces above them fall in their place. If they fall into a match, then you have a combo. The combo is directly linked to a point multiplier, and every time you get a combo or single match, the speed increases. So s
  4. Greetings all. Play Neon Now! I would like to share Neon with you, my second www.OneGameAMonth.com entry. It has a mechanic similar to Kirby’s Avalanche or Puyo Puyo, and on iOS and Android will have wifi multiplayer, leaderboards and achievements through Game Center and Play Services, as well as facebook integration and leaderboards. You can find it and my other games at GameJolt. Also check out my website. Thanks for playing! ~KeithK
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