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  1. Hi all. I am trying to learn to use the physics engines (and teaching kids to use them at the same time). I’m looking for a quick reference to the engines, with a column on the left for each common task and in three columns on the right how to do them in each engine. Or other discussions on how to keep everything straight while learning them. Thanks. Dave Briccetti davebsoft.com
  2. Thanks! I decided to let the mines move. I like the effect. The game is further along now. I would still love a code review if anybody is inclined. https://github.com/dcbriccetti/web-games/tree/master/invisible-maze
  3. Hi all. I just started using Phaser, and I’m excited by the potential. I could use some help with some problems in this game: http://davebsoft.com/web-games/invisible-maze/ https://github.com/dcbriccetti/web-games/commit/d814fe45a655e8fc0916149156fca95cb22c7a3c#diff-ad4eb6229e24f5cc681cc10695f640ca When the player character hits the “mines” (lightning bolts), he rotates. I don’t want him to. Sometimes the mines move about “aimlessly”. I don’t want them to move (except perhaps a little when the player character bumps them). I’ve looked at several examples and read some of the source code, but I feel like I’m still sort of guessing about a lot of things. Perhaps someone could give the code a quick general review? Thanks!