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  1. Hmmm... that's interesting. Does that still happen? if so, can I see a screenshot of the web console.
  2. I didn't even notice that it could make your eyes. hurt I haven't heard anyone else who tried it out say that but I'll definitely look into that.
  3. Blockenstein is a very simple yet challenging platformer where players complete levels by jumping over blocks. The game currently has 100 levels that will easily provide the player with a fun and challenging experience. Blockenstein is a free web game built in Html5 with phaser, meaning that you can play it from a browser on almost any device! You can play it in your browser right now at Feel free to let me know if you have any feedback/suggestions or even any questions.
  4. When I try to play my game on an ios device, the game gets cut off and you can not see the rest even if you move the screen. The game works fine on android and desktop. Here's the code I'm currently using... this.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; this.scale.minWidth = 320; this.scale.minHeight = 480; if(screen.width <= 641){ this.scale.maxWidth = 320; this.scale.maxHeight = screen.height; }else{ this.scale.maxWidth = 750; this.scale.maxHeight = 600; } this.scale.pageAlignVertically = true; this.scale.pageAlignHorizontally = true; game.scale.refresh();I added the if statement for mobile devices(devices with width under 641px). Any ideas?
  5. Does anyone know anyways to implement a leaderboard?
  6. How can I center the font? I have tried using the text still ends up not in the center. any ideas?
  7. How would I have my game start when it is clicked?
  8. I have tried the following code. But when I increase the number of px, it stays the same size. text = game.add.text(16, 16, level, { fontSize: '32px', fill: '#ecf0f1' });any ideas on how to fix this?
  9. Nevermind, I fixed it by adding game.scale.refresh();under the code you posted. Thanks
  10. I tried using the code from that reply and it worked but I had on my pc when I had it full sized and then resized the window. On my phone it just stayed at normal size but zoomed in so I was only able to see part of the game.
  11. Is there any way for me to scale the game to fit a mobile screen?
  12. How exactly would I create a new state?
  13. How would I create multiple levels. For example, after I hit a checkpoint, the game will load a new level? This is the code I currently have, it just loads a few blocks(level 1). boxes =; boxes.enableBody = true; var blocks = boxes.create(300, - 125, 'block2'); blocks.body.immovable = true; blocks = boxes.create(400, - 125, 'block2'); blocks.body.immovable = true; blocks = boxes.create(400, - 150, 'block2'); blocks.body.immovable = true; blocks = boxes.create(625, - 125, 'block2'); blocks.body.immovable = true; blocks = boxes.create(650, - 150, 'block2'); blocks.body.immovable = true; blocks = boxes.create(650, - 125, 'block2'); blocks.body.immovable = true;