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  1. Hi - it will work, but there might be some small differences which I'm not aware of Here is my quick test: http://mightyeditor.mightyfingers.com/#p2pwz/0 http://mightyeditor.mightyfingers.com/data/build/p2pwz/0/phaserce/index.html Let me know - if you run into any trouble - I'll be glad to help
  2. stauzs


    Hello, It has been a while since our last post here! MyGameBuilder was formed through a creative joining between the first versions of MyGameBuilder and MightyEditor. The main purpose of MyGameBuilder is to teach users game development in a collaborative manner, where more experienced developers can help others. If you are completely new to the game development you can: Play games - we have some nice user made games! Play with the actormap engine, which doesn't require any coding experience to make a game. Fork game and alter it to make it your own. Sta
  3. Hi, I've copied your example locally, named it html and got the same error. Then I renamed it to svg and that seems to be working. If you are using web server and generate svgs most likely you will need to add header: content-type: image/svg+xml
  4. Hi, unfortunately there is no option from UI to change all selected sprites. If you feel like hacking - you can select sprites and run from browsers console: map.selector.forEach(s => {s.anchorX = 0.5; s.anchorY = 0.5})
  5. I just tested on windows 8 everything worked fine.. I don't know how to help you. Probably you can try to update nodejs / npm might help those steps in the previous message are correct - I didn't do anything extra.
  6. can you follow these steps and post output of first failed command: you can skip 1st if you already cloned mightyeditor 1) git clone git@github.com:TheMightyFingers/mightyeditor.git 2) cd mightyeditor 3) cd server 4) npm install 5) cd .. 6) ./startprod 7) open in the browser:
  7. kingangelo26 can you post output for: ./startprod
  8. Make sure that canvas size fits screen size.
  9. start "git bash" and type: cd it will bring you to the user's home folder
  10. Hey - you need to check "Y" instead of "Z" and then you can remove all of them: just loop though children as you do and check: var toRemove = []; animals.forEach(function(animal) { var z=0; if (animal.y > 820){ console.log(y); toRemove(animal) } }); toRemove.forEach(function(animalToRemove){ animalToRemove.destroy() });
  11. You can skip that command - as by default git bash starts in "home" folder
  12. Hi, there are 2 options: 1) set header to allow mightyeditor.mightyfingers.com access www.anotherurlnotinmighty.es add the header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: http://mightyeditor.mightyfingers.com") to your script: <?php header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: http://mightyeditor.mightyfingers.com"); session_start(); print "test"; more info: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Access_control_CORS 2) use jsonp - requires a little more scripting: http://www.sitepoint.com/jsonp-examples/
  13. MightyEditor uses Websocket - if it can't connect to the server it shows maintenance message. Most likely you (or your ISP) are using some kind of proxy which doesn't handle websockets.
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