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  1. titmael


    "No it's not a bug, it's a feature" I love that kind of game so I would say you can dev something very cool (and you should continue adding some content to this one to monetise it). On the point to pay your bills with HTML5 I can't help you, I don't know anything about monetising games
  2. titmael


    401m ! Nice graphics (love pixels !), pretty intensive game (love it too), nice effects. I noticed 3 things : touch buttons ruining UI for PC userscan't flip player when firingenemies don't turn back when stuck against a wallI'll keep looking at your game, you should add some content to get something less repetitive.
  3. And to get more flexibility I recommand you to use P2 Custom collision shapes, better physics etc
  4. 1. I don't get why it bother you (based on your example now), if you really want the position of the hero on the top left, add a function to him : [...]getPosition: function(){ //for anchor at (0.5, 1) return { x: this.x - (this.width/2), y: this.y - this.height }}[...] 2. Why do you only want to rotate the sprite and not the body ? Collisions will not be good 3. Just bind your hero position and rotation to his shadow so th shadow will move with your player. In the shadow's update : this.x = hero.x;this.y = hero.y;this.angle = hero.angle;(something like that). Or if you use P2 you can use a constraint (http://examples.phaser.io/). I'm don't know if there is a better solution (finally pretty new too ^^)
  5. http://examples.phaser.io/_site/view_full.html?d=display&f=graphics.js&t=graphics is it what you want ? What do you mean solid ? With physics ?
  6. I bet on a sprite with variations because it'll have better performances and will be more beautiful. I guess changing the sprite's shape programatically will create aliasing effects on your sprite. And your shape isn't very complicated, photoshop or gimp or paint.net will be simple to use
  7. Tilemaps look like a big array of sprites, so you can maybe parse a json tilemap and add each tile yourself, so you can use custom shapes (didn't try it)
  8. Yes you need to use P2 physics. You can use https://www.codeandweb.com/physicseditor to draw shapes and export in a json file. You have an exemple to import the json file to a sprite : http://examples.phaser.io/_site/view_full.html?d=p2%20physics&f=load+polygon+1.js&t=load%20polygon%201
  9. Simple and beautiful, lovely music
  10. when you active P2 it'll put the anchor to 0.5, so you have to set it after to get a custom anchor
  11. I got it working with this topic : http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/7273-best-way-to-fix-weapon-to-player
  12. Did you set the anchor after activating P2 on the sprite ?
  13. I just use this.anchor.setTo(.5,1) and it works perfectly
  14. Ok very nice, the revolute constraint is working ! I still use body.angle to rotate the weapon, you should try
  15. I tried but doesn't seems to work. The body is KINEMATIC but does not move with my player with this in update : this.x = this.hero.x;this.y = this.hero.y + 13; So this work but I still get the floating : this.body.x = this.hero.body.x;this.body.y = this.hero.body.y + 13;Here is my code : this.body.clearShapes();this.body.addRectangle(16, 48, 0, -24);this.body.data.shapes[0].sensor = true;this.body.data.shapes[0].collisionGroup = weaponGroup.mask;this.body.data.shapes[0].collisionMask = enemiesGroup.mask;this.body.onBeginContact.add(this.hit, this);