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  1. for gyro see this link: but take note that in mobile browser it is impossible to use it. not because it is not supported, but because screen orientation changes. but in hybrid-app it will work fine.
  2. if you output your button into the console with; you'll notice that its inCamera property = false. this.layer.resizeWorld(); -- this is the cause of the problem. have not used tilemaps, so can't advice what to do.
  3. It's haxe, but nevertheless
  4. As for the preloading of the assets, I think, it is about what do you wish to save - network traffic or memory. As for sprites - I think it is better to use the recycling. No need to destroy everything. They aren't using very mush memory.
  5. opensuse, netbeans, bash
  6. stasuss

    animation editor

    Thanks. I've also found a nice tool Synfig Studio.
  7. PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer === Phaser.Group -> mask property.
  9. game.add.sprite(0, 0, game.add.bitmapData(800, 480));
  10. May be put an invisible sprite on the bottom of the stage and handle its clicks? Or if you have some sort of background image (and I think you should) you can handle its events.
  11. I will answer to myself PIXI supports masking on the DisplayObjectContainer which is used as the parent of the Phaser's Groups. So I've added my animated sprite to the separate group, created the Phaser.Graphics, draw rect onto it and applied it as a mask to the group. Sprite is cropped and keeps animation running.
  12. js files are loaded by the browser asynchronously and automatically. the reason to minify and concat all the files is in reducing the amount of data transferred to the client and the amount of requests processed by the server. but you can use something like require.js or Phaser's
  13. I think so, but to be sure I'll do this: * 4, fadePicture, this).autoDestroy = true;
  14. Something like this?