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  1. @Rudy, thanks for the reply After some tinkering I managed to achieve what I wanted, using a similar solution to the one you posted. You can test it here: Here's the code: I'm using the Arcade Physics Engine and I'm having some trouble with the collisions between the 3 diamonds... sometimes they overlap and I really didn´t want that to happen. The goal is to have them as solid objects that don´t bounce or overlap when colliding... Any ideas? Thanks again for the help
  2. Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to Phaser, and I'm just starting to figure things out. I made a simple prototype that uses "game.input.keyboard.createCursorKeys()" to listen and process the keyboard's cursor keys. Basically I have a sprite that moves up, down, left and right depending on input. Now I'm trying to achieve the same using touch events: when I swipe left, the sprite moves left; when I swipe up, the sprite moves up, etc.... but with no success. I've managed to detect swipe using a solution that user @imshag posted in this topic: It detects swipe, but doesn´t give me info on the direction of it. I could really use your help... How can I detect the direction of a swipe, and limit it to "up", "down", "left" and "right? Thanks in advance!