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  1. I'd like the pixi v4, but I fear it means there will be Phaser 2.6 as well to fix and patch new issues. The current pixi v2 works fairly well imho and I'd rather just switch directly to Lazer if it brings similar functionality anyway as pixi v4 update would do. What I really would like to see is some internal patches/fixes. - Support texture compression, it would give much needed improvements for texture heavy games on mobile, hard to do externally - Patch to support more of the TexturePacker (and other) options such as the pivot trim/crop (would give optimization on webgl fil
  2. Note that devicePixelRatio can be fractional and the loaded asset base texture does not get it's resolution set. Right now easiest is to post process the cache entries in game.cache._cache.image. There's no callback for this. Check the object's url for the resolution key and set object.base.resolution. Also you need to create the Phaser game with resolution option. This way the higher resolution works pretty much automatically and all game code is written as-if you had only 1x assets and coordinates, even if resolutions would be fractional and you'd mix different resolution textures.
  3. I suspect the issue is with the timer changes where animation time is kept constant and causes frame skipping if fps cannot be held constant. You can try fix it with setting lower target fps, but note that your animations will then run multiples faster and you need to adjust. Another option (which I chose) is to force tweens/animations back to old style timing which does not skip, but just slows down the animation thus it looks smooth although slower. Note the down side is that Timer based events are run then in different cycle and animations may not synchronize with timers. I think this wa
  4. One other correct way would be to use interfaces to describe the new property to allow type checking on this sort of "mixins".
  5. Personally I recommend using properties for this, so you can do more than just change value of variable. My personal approach is "timeline" tween from 0 to 1 and then using it as reference how to modify composition of values. You get away with one tween and can do work of many tweens in properly synced style.
  6. Thanks! I just upgraded from 2.1.3 to this version. Few small changes, mostly due some workarounds I needed for 2.1.3. Few notes.. PIXI version has bug with WebGL filters and Masks. Doesn't allow both to be used at the same time if the parent/child is set in certain way. I was able to workaround this by adding mask as child to a Sprite/Image. Using Group doesn't work. The game object can take the new "resolution" parameter, however the as the PIXI's texture loader is not used, the BaseTexture.resolution is not set automatically (PIXI detects at least @2x). I went and created boot state whi
  7. Getting back to old thread. I suspect it's just depending font. You probably need try try with Arial and capital ÄÖÅ if it's an issue. In anycase, I have not tested with the new Phaser.Text if it's fixing this problem. I saw this in the issues (the padding property should "do" the same trick with better results): https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/issues/1518
  8. Problem is in PIXI.Text. It calculates text height with rendering character "M" (capital M and it's not configurable), and it probably is not enough to cover those umlaut dots. You probably could patch that part of code or do some workaround as I did. It's a bit silly workaround: Add line feed to text (\n) to make it larger. Still not good, so offset with lineSpacing 10 or something fitting. You need to readjust the text position as it goes a bit off, but atleast text displays correctly.
  9. I haven't found ie. 15 textures to be an issues (of course not every one is full size) on mobile webGL. Though about 10 is used at the same time. However biggest factor is the DPR size, my experience shows that about 1.25 (not full 2) is already enough to "fool" higher retina feeling and works well in many mobile devices performance wise. iPhone 6 plus and latest iPads can work fine with 1.5 - 1.75 DPR, although iPhone 6 plus would ask for 3. So key really is to use proper DPR and texture atlases. If game is heavy on effects and sprites, you may want to throttle those down with some rules (
  10. Better late than never. Two places. state.init() and custom Phaser.Plugin postRender which looks up a "needs resizing" flag window.resize sets. Probably would change correctly, but I wanted to make sure it changes in that stage to prevent any issues.
  11. Maybe I'm looking from wrong place, but the Phaser api documentation style has changed? The new one is not as usable as they direct links to the "copy of source code" are missing. Best feature of whole API as many times you need really to learn what Phaser really does if you want to use Phaser properly.
  12. My experience shows that it's best to disable audio on Windows Phone, or just leave it to be long background music loop or such if you want to keep something. Audio tags work poorly, eat the precious CPU and memory on those mobile devices. Similar issues with desktop IE, however as CPU and memory issue is better on desktop you can get away with working but little bit choppy audio.
  13. Webaudio would allow queueing into future, but Phaser Sound only fires the play when called. Thus is causes small gaps. To have seamless playback you need a bit latency and tell in advance the webaudio to play next sound. This is how real sequencers work anyhow.
  14. Maybe your problem is that the move event is called too ofter. Try to cache it's data and only scratch in batches instead of scatching everything (and redo already scratched position). I'm not familiar with masks as you point out they use much CPU power. Also you seem to create new image everytime instead of updating existing one (if that's even possible). That's of course expensive task.
  15. It's easy to forget you are working in html. My solution was (also better performance) to have external (overlay) div element which you update with any text and any html/css. It is good if you don't need to update it's position (which wouldn't be a big problem either though). The debug.text is not meant to be used extensively anyhow.
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